Event Horizon 2019 Patch Notes

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Defiance 2050 Event Horizon Update Patch Notes

Hello, Ark hunters

Event Horizon Begins!

Event Horizon has come to Defiance 2050! This all new Defiance 2050 event pits Ark hunters against a deadly roster of Quantum damage-focused enemies that bypass Shields and leech health. New Event Horizon minor and major arkfalls will appear all over paradise, providing rewards to Ark hunters brave enough to try and search them.

Event Horizon will run from 4/29/2019 to 5/20/2019, and brings with it several new items, pursuits, and contracts!

New Pursuits and Contracts

Complete the new Event Horizon Pursuit Gravitational Collapse for Twenty additional inventory slots. These slots will go over the maximum amount allowed.
New contracts will also be available with Event Horizon. Complete the “Escape Velocity” daily to receive Purified Gulanite, and the “Black Hole Containment” weekly to get your hands on a guaranteed Legendary Cosmic weapon! (see Mod Fusion below)

The Paradise Territory Vendor also has some other outfits for sale for Paradise reputation. Get them now before the Event Horizon ends!

New Weapon Type: Mod Fusion

Manufacturers in Paradise have found a new way to modify weapons to get enhanced abilities out of them! These new weapons, called Mod Fusion weapons, utilize special mods to unlock the full potential of the weapon.
During the Event Horizon event, Ex Inanis vendors will sell these special “Cosmic Resonance” Mod Fusion weapons and mods. Each weapon or mod will have the Cosmic prefix, and can be paired to get unique bonuses. Each Cosmic mod that is applied to a Cosmic weapon will unlock a new tier of bonuses. Place 4 Fusion mods in a Fusion weapon to unlock all 4 bonuses!
Mod Fusion: Cosmic Resonance (On ALL Event Horizon Weapons and Mods)

1. +15% Falloff
2. Damaging an enemy applies Resonance (Cooldown: 1s). Resonance increases damage taken by 2% for 5s (Max Stacks: 5)
3. Applying Resonance reverberates with your weapon improving accuracy, recoil and blast radius by 3% for 5s (Max Stacks: 5)
4. Killing a resonate enemy converts released energy directly into 10% munitions in clip (Cooldown: 3s)
New Grenades and Shields
The Event Horizon has also brought with it new grenades and shields to add to your arsenal:
Plasma Grenades:
• New grenade type that sticks to enemies and detonating after 3s.
Paradox Shields:
• 10% Quantum Resistance / Incoming damage has a chance to restore 20% vitality (Cooldown: 10s)

New Synergy: Singularity

A new set of 6 Synergy crystals has been discovered, unlocking the full potential of the singularity arriving with the Event Horizon (Higher Tiers increase the stats of each synergy bonus):
1. +[8-25]% Quantum Damage Resistance
2. Shooting Enemies Applies a stack of Singularity, dealing Damage Over 4s (Cooldown: 0.5s)
3. Enemies effected by Singularity open a black hole at their location on death dealing damage and slowing enemies within its radius. Lasts 5 seconds.
4. Applying singularity also grants you Critical Mass. Reaching 5 stacks causes an explosion at your location pushing enemies back and applying a stack of Singularity. (Cooldown: [15-10]s)
5. Gaining a stack of Critical Mass heals you for [1-3.5]% of vitality.
6. Singularity explodes on expiration dealing damage to all enemies within 5 yards.

New Prototype: Nexus

As always, this event brings a new Prototype to the table! Introducing the Nexus – Once fully mastered, this pistol deals Quantum damage, and has a chance to build up and unleash a devastating plasma charge. Complete daily and weekly Paradise contracts to purchase this prototype at the Paradise Territory Vendor, only available during the Event Horizon event!

New Store and In-Game Items

Event Horizon Cache

• Only available during the Event Horizon event
• Available both in the In-game Store for Bits
• Also purchasable from Ex Inannis Runners found at the end of Event Horizon Arkfalls for Purified Gulanite
• Each box contains a rare or better Cosmic Weapon, Mod, Paradox Shield, Plasma Grenade, or Singularity Crystal. All weapons and mods have Mod Fusion: Cosmic Resonance
• Each box has a rare Chance to contain a named Prime Cosmic Weapon (Condition: Perfect, Prime weapons all come with fixed Bonuses). Collect all 8 rare unique weapons!
• Get more for the same! Boxes on the store are available in 50x and 100x bundles
o Each 50 box bundle and get a free guaranteed Legendary item!
o Each 100 box bundle comes with a guaranteed Legendary item AND a Prime Cosmic Weapon!

Monthly Purified Gulanite Pass

Get 3 times the Purified Gulanite Value! Receive 120 Purified Gulanite up front, at time of purchase, and 12 Purified Gulanite each day for 30 days (all PG will go to claims)

Only one Purified Gulanite Pass can be active at a time.

Store Adjustments:

In order to make it easier to browse and find what you are looking for we have done a slight rework to our in-game Store categories! Changes are as follows:

• Sales renamed to Specials
• Enhancement renamed to Convenience
• Storage items moved to Convenience
• Currency items moved to Convenience
• New Category: Classes
• You can now purchase Class unlocks from the In-game Store!

Engineer Class:

The Engineer Class is here! Our designers have put a lot of love and effort into creating one of the most exciting Classes Defiance 2050 has seen yet! The Engineer Class can be unlocked by purchasing the Engineer Class Pack or the Ultimate Class Pack (From either the In-game Store, Glyph.net, or the Xbox Marketplace or Sony Store).


Slot 1:
• Fury – Call upon your flying combat drone Fury. (Cooldown: 30s)
Slot 2:
• Minefield - Release a large field of proximity explosives in an area in front of you.
• Locic - Call upon your drone Logic to support you and your allies, applying a ward that absorbs and reduces incoming damage. (Cooldown: 30s)
Slot 3:
• M.E.C.H. - Transform into the Mechanically Engineered Combat Humanoid which grants you new abilities and weapons

• Artemis Turret - Summons a turret platform that grants all nearby players increased damage and reserve ammo regen
• Flechette Rounds - Enemies hit by Fury take increased damage from all sources for 5 seconds.

• Testudo - Reload slower while moving, but significantly faster while standing still.

• Micro-Thrusters - Performing a roll grants a short burst of movement speed for 2 seconds. (Cooldown: 5s)

• Syphon Strike - Melee attacks attach a device to the target that deals damage over 5 seconds and syphons it back to you as Vitality. (Cooldown: 10s)

• Frenzy - Fury hits grant nearby allies increased damage and accuracy for 5 seconds.

• Surprise Package - Throwing a grenade also tosses a proximity mine.

• High-Quality Parts - Increase the duration of Fury, Logic and Artemis Turret.

• Synchronization - Summoning Fury, Logic or Artemis Turret grants increased damage and defense for 20 seconds. (Does not stack)

• Suppressive Fire - Holding the trigger increases rate of fire every .5 seconds.

Enhancement Overhaul:

Based on player feedback, we have made some changes to Enhancement that should make leveling your weapons faster! Changes are as follows -
• Salvage rarity tiers are now based on drop chance rather than current power. These power salvage tiers no longer exist
• Uncommon salvage now provides the baseline amount of Enhancement Points, regardless of a weapon’s power
• Reduced the overall amount of salvage required to enhance a weapon
• All weapons now dismantle for an amount of Uncommon salvage
• Salvage rarity now provides more enhancement progress regardless of the weapon’s power
• Salvage rewards now have a chance to drop at higher rarity, rather than just every 1000 power
• Salvage type matching bonus reduced to 50% (down from 400%) making them a boon rather than a requirement
• Mods no longer have a Power Rating. The Power of a Mod will be based on the weapon they are attached to. Rarity of a mod will still heavily affect its stats.
New Enhancement Point Values for salvage:
• Common: 1000
• Uncommon: 1000
• Rare: 2000
• Epic: 5000
• Legendary: 15000
New Enhancement Point Values for Catalysts:
• Common: 5000
• Uncommon: 5000
• Rare: 10000
• Epic: 25000
• Legendary: 75000

PLEASE NOTE: Existing salvage, found in player inventories before this update, has been converted to Legacy Salvage, each worth 1000 Enhancement Points. Due to the cost changes to enhancement, no Enhancement Point value was lost, during this conversion, and players that have Common and Uncommon Enhancement Materials in their inventories when this conversation occurs will ultimately have more Enhancement Points than before the update.
The scaling of enemies to players power has been overhauled, resulting in lower power players being able to participate in more content, and higher power players feeling their power increases more substantially.
While lower power players will be able to participate in encounters around the entire map, they will still be at a disadvantage. Get your power up to get the most out of each encounter in Paradise.

Based on player feedback, the following has been adjusted:

• Players will now have their power scaled up when much lower powered than the enemies they are fighting, allowing them to participate (though at a disadvantage) anywhere in the world
• Increased the rate that enemy power increases throughout the world. Max power rating for enemies in the San Francisco area is now set to 4025!
• Enemies will now evolve as their power increases (visually and with new combat actions)!
• Lower powered players can now participate in more content! High powered players will also notice the change and will feel MORE POWERFUL!
• Time to Kill has been lowered across the board. No more bashing your heads against a power wall, Ark hunters!
• Adjusted Damage Values for Specific NPCs:
o 99er mattock/GR-Jack Grenades (up)
o 99er mattock/GR-Jack melee (up)
o 99er mattock/GR-Jack bullet damage (up)
o Grid Inquisitor leap (down)
o Grid Inquisitor melee (down)
o Raider Rioter shotgun blasts (down)

New Feature - Reforging:

Have you found a weapon you really like, but have gotten rid of it due to it being lower power? Now you can keep any weapon you find and Reforge it to raise its power.
Reforging can be done in the Enhancement menu and will become available on a weapon once the weapon has been fully enhanced.

When Reforging a weapon, the following actions will occur:

1. Reset the weapon’s enhancement points to zero
2. Permanently raise the weapon’s base item rating
3. Permanently raise the weapon’s bonus values
4. Reset the weapon’s enhancement rank to zero
5. Remove all spent ranks in enhancement bonuses
Please note:
• Reforging cannot raise a total base item rating beyond 5000.
• The cost to Reforge a weapon increases each time you Reforge that weapon
New Pursuits:

We’ve added in 4 new pursuits for you to tackle, for both the Crusader and Engineer Classes!

Pursuit - Crusader I:
• Reach Crusader class level 10.
Pursuit - Crusader II:
• Reach Crusader class level 25.
Pursuit - Engineer I:
• Reach Engineer class level 10.
Pursuit - Engineer II:
• Reach Engineer class level 25.

Additional Changes:

• Increased Maximum Inventory Slots to 300.

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed a bug where weapon bonus modifiers were being applied a second time via the synergy set bonus.
• Fixed an issue where equipped weapons can grant enhanced bonuses to your character giving extra stats to all weapons.
• Fixed an issue causing equipped weapons to grant extra bonuses to current character, and extra stats to all weapons
• Fixed an issue where weapon Enhancement were causing minor bonuses to appears on other weapons in player’s inventories.
• Fixed a bug where a weapon’s Mastery effect damage was not being updated to reflect the player’s current adjusted item rating.
• Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving a score/credit from completing Arkfalls.
• Fixed an issue that cause health and shield value to not scale correctly, when there is an increase or decrease of Power Rating.
• Fixed an issue with Auto-Aim that caused automatic weapons to pitch straight up when used in conjunction with Aim Assist.
• Fixed an issue that caused in-game activity and Arkfall Titles/ UI elements to display improperly.
• Fixed an issue that caused weapons (Bonesaw, Senbonzakura) with Aura effects to not display damage numbers correctly.
• Fixed an issue that caused kills from Senbonzakura to not count towards the Master Gunslinger Pursuit.
• Fixed a bug that caused the Abundance of Ego Achievement/ Trophy to not be granted upon completion.
• Fixed a bug that caused the Chasing Shadows Achievement/ Trophy to not be granted upon completion.
• Adjusted values for Assault Trait: Amped and Combat Medic Synergy: Chaperone to prevent players from becoming effectively immortal
• Fixed a bug that caused “friendly” NPCs (such as Medic Bot, Fury drone) to attack players.

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