Event Horizon is on the horizon!

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Event Horizon

Event Horizon has come to Defiance 2050. This all new Defiance 2050 event pits Arkhunters against a deadly roster of Quantum damage-focused enemies that bypass Shields and leech health. New Event Horizon minor and major arkfalls will appear all over paradise, providing rewards to Arkhunters brave enough to try and search them.

Event Horizon will run from 4/29/2019 to 5/20/2019, and brings with it several new items, pursuits, and contracts!


New Class: The Engineer

The Engineer Class is here! Our designers have put a lot of love and effort into creating one of the most exciting Classes Defiance 2050 has seen yet. This exciting and powerful new class gives you the ability to summon Drones that help and support you during combat, throw a bed of land mines on the fly, or even pilot your own Mech.

Pick up the Engineer Class when you purchase the Engineer Class Pack or the Ultimate Class Pack.


Get the Event Horizon Cache for a cosmic experience

The Event Horizon Cache contains a rare or better Cosmic Weapon, Mod, Paradox Shield, Plasma Grenade, or Singularity Synergy Crystal and offers the chance to contain a Prime Cosmic weapon (Condition: Perfect / Fixed Weapon Bonuses).

All weapons and mods have Mod Fusion: Cosmic Resonance attached.

Cosmic Resonance:

[1] +15% Falloff

[2] Damaging an enemy applies Resonance (Cooldown: 1s). Resonance increases damage taken by 2% (Max Stacks: 5)

[3] Applying Resonance reverberates with your weapon improving accuracy, recoil and blast radius by 3% (Max Stacks: 5)

[4] Killing a resonate enemy converts released energy directly into 10% munitions in clip (Cooldown: 3s).


Get the 50x Event Horizon Cache bundle for an extra free Legendary item, or the 100x bundle and get a guaranteed Legendary item AND a Prime Cosmic Weapon!


There has never been a better time to buy Bits

Introducing the Monthly Purified Gulanite Pass. Get 3 times the Purified Gulanite Value! Receive 120 Purified Gulanite up front, at time of purchase, and 12 Purified Gulanite each day for 30 days (all PG will go to claims).

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