Memorial Week In Paradise, 5/27 – 6/3

May 24, 2019 | Etaew | Viewed 4,821 times | Patch,

Add the new voidrunner pack to your collection!

Pack is available in the store for only the week of 5/27-6/3 and it includes:
  • Voidrunner Heavy Trooper Outfit/Headgear
  • Voidrunner Hoverbike Vehicle
  • 2x Voidrunner weapon skins
  • 4x Starfall Epic Mod Fusion Mods
  • Unique one of a kind Protoype – Voidrunner – Assault rifle that shoots explosive rounds!

Get a Prime Void Assault Rifle Just for Participating in Event Horizon!

Starting on 5/27 and ending 6/3, players will receive items called �Starfall Shards� which can be spent to purchase the one of a kind Prime Weapon with the new Starfall Mod Fusion!
  • Obtain 1 Starfall Shard from every Event Horizon arkfall completed
  • Purchase 20 Starfall Shards for 30 Purified Gulanite from Ex Inanis vendors
  • Complete the unique pursuit “Starfall Prophecy” by obtaining 250 Starfall Shards to obtain:
    • Prime Void XAR-Sovereign
    • Epic Void Precision Barrel
    • Epic Void Balanced Stock
Mod Fusion: Starfall
[1] Reloading an empty clip increases Rate of Fire by 15% for 3s (Cooldown: 10s)
[2] Chance on hit to trigger Starfall

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