Mayhem and Mutiny 2020 Patch Notes

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Ark Hunters, Dark Matter mayhem is coming with the Mayhem and Mutiny Event on Defiance 2050! Fight against Zor and his powerful Mutineers in the new Major Arkfalls. Zor uses advanced Dark Matter tech that projects his life force onto his holograms. As long as his holograms are standing, Zor is all but invincible. Can you figure out how to defeat this new threatening enemy?

The Mayhem and Mutiny event will run for four weeks from 2/10/2020 until 3/9/2020 and brings with it a new Event Prototype, Synergy, Pursuit, Contracts, Mod Fusion and more!

New Pursuit, Daily and Weekly Contracts

A new pursuit has been added to the Holiday Goals list. Complete the event pursuit and get 20 inventory slots along with the “Anarchist” title.

New contracts are also available with Mayhem and Mutiny. Complete the daily contract to receive 12 Purified Gulanite and 10 Reputation as well as the weekly contract to get your hands on a guaranteed Legendary weapon with Devouring Essence Fusion Set and 50 Reputation.

New Mod Fusion: Devouring Essence

New Mod Fusion weapons have made their way to Paradise just in time for the fight against Zor. Devouring Essence weapons and mods will drop from the Mayhem and Mutiny Caches available from Ex Inanis vendors as well as from the Defiance 2050 store. Check it out:
  • [1] +15% Reload
  • [2] Dealing damage to an enemy decreases their damage by 5% and increases your damage by 10% for 8s. (Cooldown: 5s)
  • [3] Using an ability increases Rate of Fire by 7% for 7s. (Stacks, Duration does not refresh)
  • [4] Kills reduce active ability cooldowns by 20% (Cooldown: 20s)
New Synergy: Replication

New event synergy brings something good to the table. Collect all Crystals for the full potential of your Synergy to confuse your opponents with holograms and finish them off with explosive damage!

Synergy: Replication (Tier 6 – Energy: 1400)
  • [1] +15% Dodge Chance
  • [2] Dealing damage reduces active cooldown time by 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 10s)
  • [3] +15% Increased damage while any ability is on cooldown.
  • [4] Using an ability summons a hologram with a damaging aura that seeks out and taunts nearby enemies. Holograms explode on death, dealing heavy damage.
  • [5] Heal 25% Health and take 12% less damage for 10 seconds after one of your Holograms explode. Max Stacks: 5 (Duration does not refresh)
  • [6] +100% increased Hologram aura damage, aura radius, and explosion damage.
New Prototype: Eshkizhiwa

The Mayhem and Mutiny event also brings a new themed Prototype “Eshkizhiwa”. This one of a kind pistol can lock on to a target from far away and fire a burst of homing projectiles!
Complete daily and weekly event contracts to get this prototype at the Paradise Territory Vendor, available only during the event! Get it now before it’s too late!
Mayhem and Mutiny Cache

This Cache will be available in the game store as well as Ex Inanis vendors! It will contain one of the following items!
  • Weapon or Mod
    • Weapons and Mods have the NEW Mod Fusion: Devouring Essence
  • Chance to contain a Prime Precision weapon (Condition: Perfect / Fixed Weapon Bonuses).
  • 1 of 7 new “Prime Devouring” Weapons
    • Prime Devouring Slickshot (Full-Auto Pistol Low Tech)
    • Prime Devouring ESP-500 Armada (Guided Rocket High Tech)
    • Prime Devouring Thumper (Auto Detonator Alien)
    • Prime Devouring NRS-500 Commando (Burst Sub Machine Gun High Tech)
    • Prime Devouring LM-43 Thunder (Light Machine Gun High Tech)
    • Prime Devouring Mazu Blast Rifle (Full-Auto Assault Alien)
    • Prime Devouring Street Sweeper (Combat Shotgun Low Tech)
  • Replication Crystal
As always buy 50 to get a Legendary item as a bonus and buy 100 to get a Legendary item and a Prime Devouring Weapon! This cache will be gone after March 9th.

We hope that you will enjoy this unique event. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Defiance Team

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