Mutant Free Paradise Community Event

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Trees planted in the Bay Area Frontier serves to protect, provide and nurture the transformed landscape of the planet. During the Pale Wars our planet has been considerably changed, with new topography, the extinction of known plant and animal species and the emergence of new species named mutants.  

Nowadays we’ve been getting many reports that these species are involved in the mass destruction of trees. Details are still coming in, but we know that Earth can be saved only if we eliminate them… together!   

Hurry and help us to make a Mutant free Paradise! 

What is Mutant Free Paradise Community Event? 

Players will be asked to target listed species in the game during the given time frame. You simply login into the game and execute against the challenge provided. Just contribute whenever you can!

Each week, there will be a new challenge announced that you will have to achieve together by playing. Spend some time as a community by killing listed species to make a mutant free Paradise. 

Week 1 (April 5th, 10 AM PDT – April 8, 10 AM PDT): Cleaver extermination 

This week’s community target is to kill a total of 50000 Cleavers with the following name plates: 

  • Mutant Cleaver 
  • Formidable Cleaver 
  • Experienced Cleaver 

If the target is reached before April 8, 10 AM PDT every qualified player will get rewarded with the following: 

Defiance 2050: 6x Solstice Strike Cache  
Defiance: 1 x Hot Streak Supply Crate + 2 x Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache 

If target is not reached a smaller reward will be applied: 

Defiance 2050: 2x Solstice Strike Cache 
Defiance: 2 x Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache 

Additionally, top 3 most contributing players may obtain special forum title and discord role “Mutant Fighter” until July 1, 2020 – This reward is optional. 

Event Rules

  • Event applies to both games, all platforms and servers.
  • Reward will be applied only once per account, if you have multiple ingame characters then items will be credited to the character with a higher counter. 
  • You can get one reward in Defiance 2050 and one reward in Defiance. 
  • Reward will be sent to every player who has a progression with at least 20 eliminated Cleavers. If target is reached but your counter is less than 20 you’re not getting a reward.
  • There will be no in-game tracking provided, you should make your own tracking if you want.  
  • Task completion will be announced after April 8th
  • Rewards will be send approximately within a week after challenge completion.
  • Event rules and description are not related with the official Defiance timeline or history.
  • Your in-game nickname may be listed in the leaderboard.
  • The average counter that every daily active player should reach to complete this challenge is 30-40. Please note that this number is only for informative purpose.

Ark Hunters, our community is under attack. We must work as a team or Earth will have no future! 

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