Hey Ark Hunters,

We?re bringing the Defiance 2050 servers down soon for a hot fix regarding Standard Caches. Expected down time is 60-90 minutes for all platforms, thanks for understanding.

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Hi all,

The team is currently investigating issues preventing players from logging in and playing. We currently do not have an ETA and it seems to be affecting multiple games.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Hey everyone,

We're investigating a recent issue with PS4 players not able to connect to Defiance 2050. No ETA yet, but we hope to get it resolved soon.

Thanks for understanding.

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Hi all,

We're taking a look and restarting NA platforms for Defiance 2050 to help with recent login issues, thanks for your patience.

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Hi Ark Hunters,

We have an incoming server maintenance downtime for Defiance and Defiance 2050 on all platforms at the following days and times:

August 21 at 3 AM PDT / 12 PM CEST for about 1-2 hours.

Changes to this downtime will be posted here on our forums, thanks!

Update: Date updated to Wednesday Aug 21 now from Aug 20.

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Patch 1.4 - Gunslinger

March 1, 2014 | Etaew | Viewed 6,932 times | DLC 4,

Patch 1.4 brings along the 4th DLC - Gunslinger and went live March 11, 2014.


  • New Cinemas and Storyline
    • 3 New Mission Lines
      • With their Von Bach missing and presumed dead, and the company in disarray, three executives scramble to hold Von Bach Industries together.
  • 9 new Co-op Arenas
    • Arena: 101 Keys Docks
    • Arena: Ridgecrest Mines
    • Arena: Dy'Dekuso's Chamber
    • Arena: The Observatory
    • Arena: Dark Matter Bunker
    • Arena: Arkfall Wreckage
    • Arena: Berk Academy
    • Arena: Kent Docks
    • Arena: Matron's Nest
  • 9 new VBI Weapons
  • 2 Unique Epic Weapons
    • El Guapo – "A plethora of bullets"
    • El Presidente – "Hail to the Chief"
  • New Event Scoring – Event scoring now provides rewards based on earned score.
    • Arkfalls
    • Incursions
    • Co-op Maps
    • Sieges
    • Arkbreaks
    • Conflict Sites




  • Von Bach Gunslinger Cache

Store Items:



  • Thorn Liro Arenas can now be played cooperatively with up to 4 players.
  • Fixed potential crash leaving an instance when a group member leaves early.
  • Removed from the MAIN MAP the following icons, Battleground, Shadow War, Co-op
    • The NPCs are still in their respective locations, and UI access remains the same
  • Updated logic for stacked map icons near fast travel points. More icon types will now stack like merchants.
  • Mod vendors now have useful names.
  • Fixed many issues related to server lag caused by characters loading.
  • Contracts which require a certain DLC will now say so if you lack the DLC.


  • Added support for private chat.
    • When you are in private chat the quick menu will have a leave private chat option now.
    • You can only be in one private chat at a time now.
    • There is a private chat text channel and you can filter on private chat.


  • Increased drop rate of outfits from the 7th Legion supply kits.
  • Lockbox items purchased with reputation are now tradable.
  • Removed Echelon Rep requirement from EGO Evolution I.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not be credited for kills from infector bugs or from explosive barrels.
  • Fixed a small issue with one of the Biohazard headgears.


  • Real fix for clan rename - for realsies.
  • Removed ground loot drops from certain arkfall bosses.
  • Removed mutants from inside the walls near Checkpoint Delta. It was cruel to leave them in there.
  • The Volge Violence pursuit no longer increments at non-Volge Sieges.
  • Other activities in the same area as a siege are now properly restored if the siege shuts down due to lack of player participation.
  • Various fixes for random number generator acting inappropriately.

Changes based on Alpha Testing

  • Fixing Tracking Treachery Mission Bug.
  • Raizur's arenas should now show everyone the cinematic intro.
  • Raizur's mission "Pulse Pounding Action" lets you know where to go, and can now be completed by groups without conflicts.
  • Zor now has more HP and slightly more damage.
  • Fix for disappearing Zor when going between the doors.
  • Fixed very low point rewards from arenas.
  • Matron's Nest Arena now ends after killing the Matron as opposed to, say, after killing its first skitterling… for example.
  • Hellbugs now give multiplier action in the Matron Arena.
  • Matron Arena may now be restarted properly.
  • Updated scoring on the Docks, Academy, and Matron Arenas.
  • Toxic Hellbugs can now be completed by even more people!
  • Docks Arena – No more ninja vanishes when fighting some Mutants.
  • Should get points for using the Gulanite shards.
  • Fixed a Gulanite shard not spawning hellbugs properly in the Academy Arena.
  • Restarting the Docks arena will now restore your ammo and abilities.
  • Defiance mission replay now has score screen.
  • Fixed incursions not giving points in certain locations during the siege wave.
  • Removed extra quest locator found during the last part of "Gunslinger Trials: Pulse Pounding Action".
  • "Try again" in "Berk Academy" arena now works correctly.
  • Fix for missing score in Overpass Arena – Arkfall Wreckage.
  • Adjusted reward tiers for Volge sieges.
  • Fixed issue where Berk Academy Arena could not progress.
  • Fixed issue with Angel Island Arena not ending and firing off Psycho Pete EGO calls.

Unannounced Changes found by Community

  • 1 keycode will now cost 1.000 Ark Salvage and 500 scrip


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