Patch 1.4 - Gunslinger

March 1, 2014 | Etaew | Viewed 8,041 times | DLC 4,

Patch 1.4 brings along the 4th DLC - Gunslinger and went live March 11, 2014.


  • New Cinemas and Storyline
    • 3 New Mission Lines
      • With their Von Bach missing and presumed dead, and the company in disarray, three executives scramble to hold Von Bach Industries together.
  • 9 new Co-op Arenas
    • Arena: 101 Keys Docks
    • Arena: Ridgecrest Mines
    • Arena: Dy'Dekuso's Chamber
    • Arena: The Observatory
    • Arena: Dark Matter Bunker
    • Arena: Arkfall Wreckage
    • Arena: Berk Academy
    • Arena: Kent Docks
    • Arena: Matron's Nest
  • 9 new VBI Weapons
  • 2 Unique Epic Weapons
    • El Guapo – "A plethora of bullets"
    • El Presidente – "Hail to the Chief"
  • New Event Scoring – Event scoring now provides rewards based on earned score.
    • Arkfalls
    • Incursions
    • Co-op Maps
    • Sieges
    • Arkbreaks
    • Conflict Sites




  • Von Bach Gunslinger Cache

Store Items:



  • Thorn Liro Arenas can now be played cooperatively with up to 4 players.
  • Fixed potential crash leaving an instance when a group member leaves early.
  • Removed from the MAIN MAP the following icons, Battleground, Shadow War, Co-op
    • The NPCs are still in their respective locations, and UI access remains the same
  • Updated logic for stacked map icons near fast travel points. More icon types will now stack like merchants.
  • Mod vendors now have useful names.
  • Fixed many issues related to server lag caused by characters loading.
  • Contracts which require a certain DLC will now say so if you lack the DLC.


  • Added support for private chat.
    • When you are in private chat the quick menu will have a leave private chat option now.
    • You can only be in one private chat at a time now.
    • There is a private chat text channel and you can filter on private chat.


  • Increased drop rate of outfits from the 7th Legion supply kits.
  • Lockbox items purchased with reputation are now tradable.
  • Removed Echelon Rep requirement from EGO Evolution I.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not be credited for kills from infector bugs or from explosive barrels.
  • Fixed a small issue with one of the Biohazard headgears.


  • Real fix for clan rename - for realsies.
  • Removed ground loot drops from certain arkfall bosses.
  • Removed mutants from inside the walls near Checkpoint Delta. It was cruel to leave them in there.
  • The Volge Violence pursuit no longer increments at non-Volge Sieges.
  • Other activities in the same area as a siege are now properly restored if the siege shuts down due to lack of player participation.
  • Various fixes for random number generator acting inappropriately.

Changes based on Alpha Testing

  • Fixing Tracking Treachery Mission Bug.
  • Raizur's arenas should now show everyone the cinematic intro.
  • Raizur's mission "Pulse Pounding Action" lets you know where to go, and can now be completed by groups without conflicts.
  • Zor now has more HP and slightly more damage.
  • Fix for disappearing Zor when going between the doors.
  • Fixed very low point rewards from arenas.
  • Matron's Nest Arena now ends after killing the Matron as opposed to, say, after killing its first skitterling… for example.
  • Hellbugs now give multiplier action in the Matron Arena.
  • Matron Arena may now be restarted properly.
  • Updated scoring on the Docks, Academy, and Matron Arenas.
  • Toxic Hellbugs can now be completed by even more people!
  • Docks Arena – No more ninja vanishes when fighting some Mutants.
  • Should get points for using the Gulanite shards.
  • Fixed a Gulanite shard not spawning hellbugs properly in the Academy Arena.
  • Restarting the Docks arena will now restore your ammo and abilities.
  • Defiance mission replay now has score screen.
  • Fixed incursions not giving points in certain locations during the siege wave.
  • Removed extra quest locator found during the last part of "Gunslinger Trials: Pulse Pounding Action".
  • "Try again" in "Berk Academy" arena now works correctly.
  • Fix for missing score in Overpass Arena – Arkfall Wreckage.
  • Adjusted reward tiers for Volge sieges.
  • Fixed issue where Berk Academy Arena could not progress.
  • Fixed issue with Angel Island Arena not ending and firing off Psycho Pete EGO calls.

Unannounced Changes found by Community

  • 1 keycode will now cost 1.000 Ark Salvage and 500 scrip


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