99 Problems Meme Contest

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Ark Hunters,

We heard you like memes….It’s time to show off your talents, byparticipating in our 99 Problems Meme Contest!

How to participate:

Simply create a meme and submit it in the Defiance 2050 or Defiance contest thread. You can use a meme generator such as https://imgflip.com/ and use any picture that you like, but the theme needs to be 99 Problems event related.

Your Entry should follow this format:

Your in-game name
Your platform
Your region

Example entry

In-game name: Medjed
Platform: D2050 PC
Region: EU

Event dates:

The Event will last until June 15th, 2:59 PM PDT / 23:59 CEST.


Defiance 2050:
We will reward our 3 favorite submissions with 6 x 99 Problems Caches.

We will reward our 3 favorite submissions with 1 x Precision Bore Supply Crate + 2 Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache.


  • Only 1 submission by participant.
  • You can send submissions for Defiance 2050 and Defiance contest but only one reward will be sent in case if you win both events.
  • Only serious and creative memes related to the ongoing 99 Problems event are allowed.
  • Upload your submission on an image hosting website (e.g.: https://imgbb.com/ , https://imgur.com/).
  • You must post your entry in Defiance 2050 or Defiance contest thread.
  • Please make sure your entry follows the format as given and shown on the example above.
  • Do not plagiarize or copy another person’s entry.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!
  • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
  • Nothing inappropriate!
  • Every submission to this contest can be used by gamigo for promotional purposes.
  • The winner will be selected by the Defiance Team.

Need help?

You can use and modify one of these assets to create your meme. It up to you to use your own or from this album. Click on the thumbnail to view it in a full size.

Client-2020-05-13-15-14-27-802 Client-2020-05-13-15-14-29-499 Client-2020-05-13-15-22-01-891 Client-2020-05-14-19-33-52-531 Client-2020-06-03-09-41-03-774 Client-2020-06-03-09-41-09-552 Client-2020-06-03-09-41-10-807 Client-2020-06-03-09-41-12-741 Client-2020-06-03-09-41-41-514 Client-2020-06-03-09-42-53-667 Client-2020-06-03-09-43-00-285 Client-2020-06-03-09-44-19-082 Client-2020-06-03-09-44-52-181 Client-2020-06-03-09-45-16-277 Client-2020-05-13-15-08-07-770

Your Defiance Team

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