Mayhem and Mutiny sparks a new challenge!

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Mayhem and Mutiny is back, and Dark Matter has invaded the New Frontier again!  

Now that the paradise is the scene of unspeakable sets of Minor and Major Arkfalls. Any sense of the innocence that once marked these lands is gone. In its place the Mutineers have risen to try to fulfill their nefarious duty. 

From August 31st to September 28th, this event will be running for four weeks, bringing its top activities from the past! 

Mayhem and Mutiny event in Defiance 2050 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and brings its themed prototype titled “Eshkizhiwa” that can be obtained from the Paradise Territory Vendor by completing both daily and weekly event contracts. Upon completing event contracts, you will also get rewarded with Purified Gulanite, Reputation and a guaranteed Legendary weapon with Devouring Essence Fusion Set! 

During the event take on the Dark Matter remnants by collecting all the Crystals for the potential of the most acknowledged Replication Synergy to confuse your opponents with projected holograms and finish them off with a massive explosion upon death of the holograms.  

Strap into your favorite vehicle to hunt out Dark Matter at Major Arkfalls and get the full set of Devouring Essence weapons and mods that will both drop from the Mayhem and Mutiny Caches available from the Ex Inanis vendors and the Defiance 2050 store. 

As always get the 50x Mayhem and Mutiny Cache bundle for an extra free Legendary item, or the 100x bundle and get a guaranteed Legendary item AND a Prime Devouring Weapon! 

The following weapons types have a chance to be Prime with a perfect condition and fixed weapon bonuses:  

  • Prime Devouring Slickshot (Full-Auto Pistol Low Tech)  
  • Prime Devouring ESP-1588 Armada (Guided Rocket High Tech)  
  • Prime Devouring Thumper (Auto Detonator Alien)  
  • Prime Devouring NRS-500 Commando (Burst Sub Machine Gun High Tech)  
  • Prime Devouring LM-43 Thunder (Light Machine Gun High Tech)  
  • Prime Devouring Mazu Blast Rifle (Full-Auto Assault Alien)  
  • Prime Devouring Street Sweeper (Combat Shotgun Low Tech) 

Defiance game available on PlayStation 3 and PC brings Malicious Mirage Supply Crate with the Midsummer Mutiny. It contains 1 epic or better weapon and 3 mods from rare to legendary (at least 1 epic or better), all with the limited time Malicious Mirage mod synergy! 

Each Crate gives a chance at snagging one of the 8 Malicious Mirage jackpot weapons! The following Jackpot weapons can be dropped from these Crates*: 

  • Freedom (Assault Rifle) 
  • Independence (Sniper Rifle) 
  • Courage (Pulser) 
  • Glory (Auto-Shotgun) 
  • Honor (Guided Launcher) 
  • Valor (Northstar Blaze) 
  • Pride (Auto Lobber) 
  • Virtue (Special electric charge blade) 

Finally, to kick off Mutineers with style Defiance and Defiance 2050 stores are offering a time limited Frontier Loyalist Pack!  

Defiance pack includes: 

  • Legendary “Malicious Daisy Cutter” Guided Rocket Launcher 
  • Firework Spike x 10 
  • 30-day Patron Pass 
  • “Frontier Loyalist” Title 
  • MR-KA “Loyalist” T.I.T.A.N. outfit with headgear 
  • Duni Shetarru Racer “Loyalist” vehicle 

Defiance 2050 pack includes**: 

  • MR-KA “Loyalist” T.I.T.A.N. outfit with headgear 
  • Duni Shetarru Racer “Loyalist” vehicle 
  • “Frontier Loyalist” Title 

Now it’s time to get your fellow Ark hunters and gaze into the new challenge to be defeated! 

* During the Midsummer Mutiny event, Jackpots can only drop from the Lockboxes. 
** Frontier Loyalist Pack has wrong description in German and French Defiance 2050 In-game Store.  

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