Lost Warrior Costume Pack

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Ark Hunters,

Hulker Hell seasonal celebration brings both terror and toys!

To celebrate this event, we prepared Lost Warrior Costume Pack to fall into arkfalls in style! This Costume Pack will only be available in the Defiance and Defiance 2050 Store until November 2, 2020 so don’t wait to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Defiance pack includes: 

  • Lost Warrior Outfit
  • TR-0R Ground Pounder
  • Grave Digger Buggy
  • Damage Pumpkin Spike
  • “The Lost Warrior” Title
  • 7 Days of Paradise Patron Pass

Defiance 2050 pack includes: 

  • Lost Warrior Outfit
  • Grave Digger Buggy
  • “The Lost Warrior” Title

Good hunting – and happy Halloween!

Lost Warrior Costume Pack has wrong description in German and French Defiance 2050 In-game Store. 

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