BMG Link Ranges

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A Guide to BMG Link Ranges

The link range listed on the BMG gun card is the maximum distance adjoining targets can be from your initial target; it is not the maximum range to your first target.

Link range to initial target for common BMGs have been tested to be as follows*:

FRC Tele-Spanner 28 m
Shield Spanner 24 m
Tachmag Spanner 22 m
VBI BM-4 Stingray 22 m
VOT Spanner 22 m
VOT Spanner Protector 22 m
VOT Spanner Trapper 22 m

*subject to independant validation

Link range can be modified with a Beam Intensifier. Range to initial target can currently only be modified via the Tachyon Projector III or IV (Coit Tower vendor special/Epic Mod Horde).


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