Update 2 - Connectivity issues have been resolved from our end. If you are still experiencing issues please let us know in this thread.

Update 1 - Our network team is still working to resolve the recent connectivity issues. Kindly be patient with us during our investigation. Will be updating you guys in about 2 hours if the issue is still ongoing.

Hello everyone,

We're currently experiencing connectivity issues and we're working on resolving them. Please bear with us as we investigate this. We'll post an update here in 1 hour if the issue isn't resolved at that time.


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Good afternoon, Arkhunters

At 5:30 CST this afternoon we will be conducting some backend maintenance which may cause players to disconnect from our servers. Please note that you will be able to log back in immediately after being disconnected, if you are disconnected at all.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you all for you patience!

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BMG Link Ranges

June 25, 2014 | PTR47 | Viewed 5,680 times | Weapons,

A Guide to BMG Link Ranges

The link range listed on the BMG gun card is the maximum distance adjoining targets can be from your initial target; it is not the maximum range to your first target.

Link range to initial target for common BMGs have been tested to be as follows*:

FRC Tele-Spanner 28 m
Shield Spanner 24 m
Tachmag Spanner 22 m
VBI BM-4 Stingray 22 m
VOT Spanner 22 m
VOT Spanner Protector 22 m
VOT Spanner Trapper 22 m

*subject to independant validation

Link range can be modified with a Beam Intensifier. Range to initial target can currently only be modified via the Tachyon Projector III or IV (Coit Tower vendor special/Epic Mod Horde).


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