Gulanee Arkbreak and New Defiant Few Weekly Contract

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As part of the crossover content with the TV show we have a new Minor Arkbreak that has a chance to spawn instead of the standard one.

See below for images of the encounter steps and a transcription of the new audio story with the crossover Defiance reference.

A New Threat

A new Defiant Few weekly contract tasks the ark hunter to kill an Ark Purifier and Ark Crusader from Grid encounters.

View Contract

Gulanee Arkbreak

First locate a Minor Arkfall Site

Activate Uplink by Deploying an Ark Spike

Note: You must have the Arkbreaker DLC and an Ark Spike to trigger, if you do not have one wait for another player who does. You may all join the fight together.

Defeat the enemies outside

Defeat the Grid that come out of the Arkfall as the Volge normally would.

Do your thing.

Enter the wreckage

As normal

The layout of the interior will be familiar with the Gunslinger Arenas

Explore the module


Fight the Grid

Destroy the Comms Systems

These take a while to destroy with only a few people in the Arkbreak, and the devs are taking a look at it.

Fight a Gulanee


Open the crates as you would a Volge Arkbreak, the rewards are the same

Use the Teleporter to leave

Scores screen will show.

New Sounds

LInk to these set of sounds on the DD Sound Archive: vo_ego_s2_gulanee

  • Arkfall Incoming
  • I'm picking up a communications signal from the Ark Module
  • Something is alive in there
  • Incoming aircraft, the mutants found the arkfall too
  • I'm detecting Grid communications signals, they're speaking to the Ark Module
  • I'm detecting a powersurge, they're activating the Tachmag Synthesizers
  • That seems like the last of the Grid out here but I'm detecting Grid and Mutants outside the Module
  • I don't know what they are doing in there, but it can't be good
  • I'm detecting Votan power sources within
  • This is more than just Tachmag synthesis, I think the Grid is building something
  • They're building communications devices
  • We have to destroy them
  • That one's down, but I'm still picking up more signals
  • They were communicating with the Ark Belt, who were they speaking to?
  • Another one down, I'm picking up replies from the Ark Belt
  • One last signal, but it's not like the others
  • These are Gulanee environment suits
  • The poor creatures must have died in flight, there are so few of them
  • This is a great loss
  • Oh one of them survived, this is great news!
  • It's requesting our military rank and identification
  • This can't be good
  • We've got to take it down
  • That Gulanee is sending out a signal, it's communicating with other modules in the Ark Belt
  • It thinks it's still in the war
  • It's calling down other members of its combat team
  • We've got to destroy it before it can call down more
  • It managed to communicate with a handfull of active modules
  • I received confirmations of their landing sites, some are headed here, some to the Storm Divide.
  • One of the Gulanee modules is headed straight for Defiance
  • We've got to send a warning to them, but we've detroyed the comms equipment here
  • I'm sending the warning to Ara Shondu, she should have a way to warn them
  • We should look to see if there is anything useful here
  • That looks like everything, let's get out of here
  • * Another Gulanee this must be a whole combat squad
  • * I'm detecting movement in another suit, looks like we've got another Gulanee



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i find these arkbreaks to be a delightful distraction from the rat race. This one time my manservant Jeeves even commented and said "sir, those electronic gentlemen are quite incommodious at times but the fellow in the vermillion  onesie with the torch in his hat seems rather boisterous!.

8 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

oneway ryder posted:

when does this gulanee arkbreak start?

It went live last night, so it is live right now. It has a chance to spawn when you call down any minor arkbreak.

8 years ago

when does this gulanee arkbreak start?

8 years ago