List of Jackpot Items

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List of previous, current and upcoming jackpot items

For a few months now, Elite Lockboxes (T4 boxes) are able to roll a (5th) jackpot item. Those items have static stats and are all legendary.

Every month, they will get swapped for a new item.

Starting with the Reckoning, weapons will receive a special manufacturer bonus (5% on Fire rate, reload and damage)


Current jackpot item

RA-44 Hellcat

Jackpot item from: June 16th -

Specialized lock-on Rocket Launcher


Upcoming jackpot item


Previous jackpot items

EEC HP-7 Wildcat -

Jackpot item from: 19th August 2014 - 23th September 2014

Only DLC owners are able to use it.

EEC HP-7 Wildcat


Respark Regenator V ARK - 

Jackpot item from: 23th September 2014 - 28th October 2014

 Respark Regenator V ARK


Cataclysm -

Jackpot item from: 28th October 2014 - 8th December 2014

Unique variant of the VBI AR2 Bonfire (Single shot Rocket Launchers cannot roll mag)


 Reckoning -

Jackpot item from: 8th December 2014 - 27th January 2015

Variant of the VOT Tachmag Pulser - Special manufacturer bonus (5% on Fire rate, reload and damage)



Enervator -

Jackpot Item from: 27th January 2015 - 3rd March 2015

VBI INF-3 Canker variant - Special manufacturer bonus (5% on Fire rate, reload and damage)


 Guardian Angel -

Jackpot item from:3rd March 2015 - May 2015

Ironclad Ark Survivor with rad resistance (ARK Shields usually cannot have a resistance)


Order and Chaos

Jackpot items from: May 2015 -

A special Wolfhound and Blast Rifle variant with a powerful backpack synergy




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Cool thanks for sharing this info. I will keep an eye out for something i may want :).

9 years ago