Defiance 2.6: Colony Courtship

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Weapon Bonus Rarity Changes are live now, Birdshot Pump is back in store boxes and other fixes

Love on the Horizon...?

Stay tuned for or next event, arriving at 12 PM PST on Monday, February 9th!


  • Corrected the issue that was causing NPCs to not scale properly in the middle of combat.
  • Slightly reworked difficulty scaling for better results in Sieges.
  • Players that go completely AFK in co-op missions will no longer gain disproportionate rewards, nor will they complete the corresponding weekly contract.
  • Fixed several collision problems
  • Updated the description of the Gunslinger cache to reflect the number of weapons coming from the box
  • Fixed a bug that could cause weapons or shields to lose their encryption status when claimed. This fix is retroactive, meaning all all legendary (orange) weapons and shields in your inventory will now be encrypted (and gain their bonus from that encryption).



  • Increased Blast Rifle and Mazu Blast Rifle damage to bring them in line with other assault rifles.
     - The damage is actually triple what is displayed, as the blast rifle fires three rounds at once.
     - The "x3" will be added to the display in a future update.
  • The uncommon +mag mastery for explosive weapons is now properly +1. Previously, it had corrupted data and would be an odd value like +4.57 or +12.39.
  • The Stalker mod synergy now affects both weapon Range and Falloff Damage Distance.
  • Corrected the name of DC-7 Swimming Swan.


  • Guns can no longer receive multiple rarity bonuses of the same type.
    • Instead, the individual bonuses have been increased.
    • The overall damage output of most guns using the new system will be about the same, or slightly higher, than it was before.
    • The difference between a "perfect" gun and one with suboptimal rolls is smaller than it was previously, though, so more randomly generated weapons will be competitive.
  • Each sub-type of weapon (ex. Bolt Action Sniper Rifles, Charged Sniper Rifles, and Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles) now has their own possible bonuses which exclude ones that don’t make sense for the gun (ex. recoil bonuses on a bolt action rifle).
  • New +mag bonuses are percentage increases rather than flat bonuses so they scale better with the weapon’s base clip size.
  • These changes only affects guns that randomize their bonuses.
  • These changes only affects guns that drop after this patch.
  • For more information, please visit the Coming Change to Weapon Rarity Bonuses Article.


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