Public Test Server: Defiance 3.0 - Alcatraz #16

March 26, 2015 | | Viewed 3,475 times | PTS, Alcatraz,

New Jackpot Weapons in Store Crates, nano converter mods now drop for all nanos and retrieve mods now shows the mod's synergy.

PTS in now unlocked and has been updated with the following changes, although please remember these notes are not final and incomplete:

  • Fixed a bug with Rigs/Chips in claims not honouring the time-limit before being auto-salvaged.
  • Fixed missing DE/FR text on the Northstar Blaze
  • Updated the jackpot weapons in the Machine Supply Crate, Outlaw Supply Crate, Survivalist Supply Crate, Veteran Supply Crate, and Special Delivery. They have new names and bonuses have been updated to the new system.
  • Added the special manufacturer bonus to pre-existing jackpot weapons, including event jackpots, that didn't already have it.
  • Hulker Hell Event enemies should start dropping ammo
  • Armistice Day event localizations for DE/FR
  • A congratulatory message will now be broadcast to the area when a player earns a jackpot item.
  • The Retrieve Mods option in the full Salvage Matrix now shows the synergy of the attached mods.
  • Converter mods for biological, electrical, and syphon nanos can be found alongside their radiation and incendiary cousins on the many denizens of Defiance, but merchants no longer sell any converter mod.


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