A Supreme Love Letter for the Defiance Team to Read

August 12, 2015 | PauloSantana | Viewed 1,880 times | Supreme Weapons,

Worried about the upcoming Supreme Weapons change? Read this!

The powers that be already decided that Supreme status will only be conceded to natural born legendaries, at launch. But the good news is that they are also good, reasonable people that may or may not take a look at this situation in the future. And may or may not be changed. At this point, there are no more technical reasons why it should be one way or the other. Only business ones. I'm trying to introduce also the passion we have for this game and all virtual assets it gives us. If they are very real for us, this is proof that our creators are on the right track. May they be called upon their own success!

A Supreme Love Letter for the Defiance Team to read

"My beloved Purple Stingray,

It seems like yesterday, when I found you in the floor, like an abandoned child that no one wanted. But it has been more than one year since the day you came to my door. You were purple with hunger, and just wanted to be accepted.

I took you in my arms and embraced you like my son. Througout the years, I nurtured you with your preferred Arkforge cereal. I bought you clothes that MODified you and enabled you to become stronger and stronger with each day that went by.

You have been bullied, my Stingray. Detonators and SMGs laughed at you, brought me complaints about you, but you stood strong, shiny and vibrant.

You make me proud everytime you go out with me, through our daily missions. That's where you really shine, casting a web of destruction that brings daddy's enemies to a crawl in a matter of seconds. You help me course through those daily missions in a quick and elegant way, more than any other of daddy's sons, but shush, little Stingray. Let's not make your brothers and sisters know that.

Then came the day of your graduation, the day that would crown all the laborship and hard work we've been through for so many years. I spent 500 Arkforges in your certification, and it sure was worth it, because you became --- wait for it - Legendary!

Now, my Orange son, they're telling me you won't be allowed to achieve PhD status. You will be denied your Supreme status. Just because you were born Epic.

Rest assured, my dear son, no matter what happens, you will still be loved. I will be there with you, for you, no matter what. And I will fight for you. About what they're doing now, I think that kids born epic and turned into legendaries before this new law should be allowed to achieve its full glory as Supremes. We would be given some time to graduate the kids from Epics to Legendaries, as I've already done for you, kid. Thus, this would preserve the fact that only Oranges could be turned into Gold ones.

That's because the new epic kids, born after that, will not have all that history of love, tenderness and nurturing that we, sentimental old timers, had between each other. Therefore, they will be raised as their new parents face a new reality.

That's why this love letter to you is also directed at Team Defiance. That they may see our guns, --- I mean, sons, -- as we see them. And that they may find in their hearts that we always want what's its best for our sons.

So, all hope is not lost, kid. Meanwhile, let's have one final ride into the Sunset, my proud, legendary, BELOVED Stingray!"




Father of two IRL. Father of many, in Defiance"



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