New Frontier Harvest

November 9, 2015 | Etaew | Viewed 9,067 times | New Frontier Harvest,

New Frontier Harvest will be coming to Defiance Monday, November 16 to Monday, November 30. Featuring a new Synergy and 7 new Jackpots.

New Synergy

Relentless Decimation is a new Mods Synergy.

The 4th set bonus for the synergy includes an electrical effect that changes colors on your character to show the amount of stacks that are active!

Relentless Decimation Supply Crate

The new Synergy Lockbox, "Relentless Decimation Supply Crate" is now available on the Bit Store! It contains the brand new synergy Relentless Decimation, and contains 1 epic or better weapon and 3 mods from rare to legendary (at least 1 epic or better), all with the limited time Relentless Decimation mod synergy! 


Frontier Pioneer Pack

A new Bundle for the New Frontier is available! This limited time pack will contain the following items: 



New Jackpots


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Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

BonnieSHarrisCastor posted:

Ok why am i paying 400 for crate and its suppose to be 360 

Having a Patron Pass applies a 10% discount, unfortunately I had a Patron Pass showing when I took the image, sorry.

9 years ago

Ok why am i paying 400 for crate and its suppose to be 360


9 years ago