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maverick07's Guide to Weapon Bonus Rolls and More

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Hey everyone! I decided to try and make a guide here detailing the different weapon bonuses that you can get on the gear in the game. I've seen some interest around the boards about what types of weapon bonus rolls are out there and what is available for certain weapon types and such. Hopefully this thread will help out those curious and perhaps help others with some other info they didn't know before!

This will be a work in progress as there will likely be some things I’ll be off on or I'm not sure on yet. If you see anything you can help with it would be much appreciated!

I think I will be skipping the Synergies for now as there are already nice guides out there with the Synergies detailed. But I may add those in at some point? We’ll see. Let me know what you guys think.

- For a full list of Synergies, as well as a guide to Weapon Mods, be sure to check out this awesome guide by JxSiN if you haven't yet! Very useful!
Sin's Ultimate Guide to Weapon Mods

Or you can use our Synergies or Mods list on Defiance Data.

This will primarily be a focus on rolls for weapon bonuses. Below is a layout what types of bonuses you can get. I want to try to keep it as simple as I can. So I'll split it up into tiers and I will explain each below. If it helps I’ll also include a weapon’s stats in the example as well. So you may be able to understand the layout a little easier.

FRC Assault Carbine


+6% crit multi while crouched – (Weapon Mastery Bonus)

0.85 reload – (Extra Tier slot)
0.90 reload – (Tier 1 Bonus)
10% EGO power recharge on full reload – (Tier 2 Bonus)
1.10 fire rate – (Tier 3 Bonus)

Weapon Mastery Bonus 

This is the bonus you get from maxing any weapons XP. The value of how good the bonus can be is determined by the rarity of the weapon, the rarer the gun, the better value on the Mastery bonus.

Extra Tier Slot 

This one can be a little confusing. You will start seeing this additional Tier will start showing up on weapons around the 1600 to 1800 EGO range and will show up on weapons for the rest of the game. These bonuses are similar to Tier 1 bonuses but are slightly better than Tier 1 bonuses in their quality. However these bonuses can only show up on certain types of weapons.

These weapons include all types of Assault Rifles, all SMGs (expect the VOT Pulser), and the VOT Disruptor LMG only that can come with this additional bonus. It also should be noted that any rarity of these weapons from the 1600 to 1800 EGO range and up, including White weapons, can get this bonus!

This is also why these are the only Orange weapons you will see with 5 bonuses on the trade forums and such. As some may know, you can get potential 5 bonus purples out of faction vendors, but those are different and are set to always be the same bonuses anyway.

Tier 1 Bonus 

This bonus appears on any weapon that is Green rarity or higher. These are your basic stat boosts that any weapon can have so long as it is at least Green rarity. Ex – 1.03 Fire Rate, 1.10 Mag

Tier 2 Bonus

These bonuses appear on any weapon that is Purple rarity or higher. This bonus gives you different perks other than a basic stat boost such as 10% EGO recharge on a full reload or 15% grenade recharge on a kill.

Tier 3 Bonus

These bonuses appear on Orange weapons only and these are much more high quality stat boosts than Tier 1 bonuses. It should be noted that orange BMGs do not have a Tier 3 bonus. Ex – 1.10 Fire Rate, 1.25 Mag

So to explain this a little further...
With the extra bonus slot - Whites can have 2 bonuses (counting mastery), Greens can have 3, Blues can have 3, Purples can have 4, and Oranges can have 5
Without the extra bonus slot - Whites have 1 bonus, Greens have 2, Blues Have 2, Purples have 3 bonuses, and Oranges have 4 bonuses (Except for Orange BMGs that have 3 bonuses)

So here’s a list of potential bonuses that you can get in each Tier slot. I will list the bonus on the left and what weapons the bonus can appear on at the right.

Extra Tier Slot

 All of these bonuses can appear on Assault Rifles / Sub Machine Guns / Light Machine Guns only (after reaching EGO levels 1600 to 1800 and for the rest of the game)

1.25 Crit Multi
0.85 Reload
1.15 Mag
-0.20 Recoil
1.25 Melee DMG
1.05 DMG
-0.50 Accuracy


Tier 1 Slot

Can Appear on...

-0.30 Accuracy  AR/SMG/LMGs, All Shotguns, All Snipers, Pistols
-0.10 Recoil AR/SMG/LMGs, All Shotguns, All Snipers, Pistols
x1.15 Crit Mult AR/SMG/LMGs, All Shotguns, All Snipers, Pistols
x1.10 Mag AR/SMG/LMGs, Infectors
x1.05 Mag Combat/Pump Shotguns
+4 Mag All Snipers, Pistols
x1.16 Mag Pistols (VOT Blasters, Surge Blasters only)
x1.15 Melee DMG AR/SMG/LMGs, All Shotguns, All Snipers, Pistols, Detonator/RLs, Infectors
x0.90 Reload AR/SMG/LMGs, All Shotguns, All Snipers, Pistols, Detonator/RLs, Infectors
x1.03 Fire Rate AR/SMG/LMGs, All Shotguns, All Snipers, Pistols, Detonator/RLs, Infectors
+0.40 Full Damage Radius Detonator/RLs
-0.20 Link Time BMGs
-0.06 DMG Charge BMGs
+1 Max Links BMGs
x1.05 Charge BMGs


Tier 2 Slot

Can Appear on...

15% Grenade Recharge on Kill - All Weapons
25% Stowed Weapon Clip Reloaded on Kill - All Weapons
15% Self Revive Recharge on Revive Other Player - All Weapons
10% EGO Power Recharge on Full Reload - All Weapons
10% EGO Power Recharge on Critical Kill - AR/SMG/LMGs, All Snipers, Pistols
+200% Melee for 5 Seconds After Self Revive - All Weapons
25% Speed Boost for 5 Seconds After Explosive Kill - Detonators/RLs
25% of Clip Reloaded on Melee Kill - All Shotguns
10% Bug Damage 3 Seconds After Shield Refresh - Infectors
-50% Heal Charge for 5 Seconds After Kill - BMGs

Tier 3 Slot

 Can Appear on...

1.25 Mag - AR/SMG/LMGs, Infectors
1.10 Fire Rate - AR/SMG/LMGs, All Shotguns, All Snipers, Pistols, Detonator/RLs, Infectors
+8 Mag - All Snipers, Pistols
1.10 Mag - Combat/Pump Shotguns
1.24 Mag - Pistols (VOT Blasters, Surge Blasters only)
1.10 DMG - Sawed Off Shotguns
0.70 Reload - Sawed Off Shotguns

Weapon Mastery Bonuses

Below is a list of the possible bonuses you can get after maxing a weapon’s XP. To the right you will see the values of the bonus that you can roll for the Mastery. These bonuses get better the more rare the weapon is. A lot of these I am not sure on so this list is not close to being complete at the moment!

If there are any numbers I am not sure on, or don’t exist for certain rarities, there will be a dash in that spot for now

Update - I think I have most of the Weapon Masteries listed now. However I know I am still missing some Mastery Bonuses for BMGs, Infectors, and Detonators/RLs that I'm not positive on. Possibily some others too. Any help for those would be greatly appreciated!

These are listed in an order of bonus that can appear on a white weapon down to orange only masteries. The more common ones are higher up on the list, while the ones you might only find on stuff like Infectors or Detonators, will be further down the lists.

Mastery Bonus - for White, GreenBluePurpleOrange

DMG - 1.01,
Mag - 1.03,
Melee DMG - 1.03,
Reload - 0.97, 0.940.910.880.85
Recoil - 0.95, 0.900.850.800.75
Full Damage Radius - 1.05,
Min DMG - 1.03,
DMG/Sec - 1.01,
Heal/Sec - 1.01,, 1.05
DMG Charge - 0.97, 0.940.910.880.85
DMG (Infectors) - 1.02,

DMG From Above - -, 3%6%9%12%
Less Damage While Reloading - -, 3%6%9%12%

Crit % While Crouched - -, -, 2%4%6%
Self Revive Refresh on a Kill - -, -, 2%4%6%
Crit % From Hip - -, -, 5%10%15%
DMG From Behind - -, -, 5%10%15%
Self Revive Refresh Rate - -, -, 10%20%30%
Less Damage From Your Explosives - -, -, 15%30%45%
Speed Boost 5 Sec After Full Reload - -, -, 15%30%45%

Crit % to Out of Combat Targets - -, -, -, 6%12%
Fire Rate 5 Sec After Self Revive - -, -, -, 15%30%
DMG to Vehicles - -, -, -, 15%30%
EGO Duration on Crit Kill - -, -, -, 4%8%
Melee When Shields Down - -, -, -, 15%30%
EGO Recharge on Full Reload - -, -, -, 5%10%*
Grenade Refresh on Full Reload - -, -, -, 20%40%
EGO Refresh on Explosive Kill - -, -, -, 2%4%
Projectile Speed 5 Sec After Explosive Kill - -, -, -, 75%150%
Projectile Speed 5 Sec After Melee Kill -, -, -, 75%150%

Crit Multi - -, -, -, -, 1.10
Damage on Next Shot After Kill - -, -, -, -, 8%
Crit % to Incoming Targets - -, -, -, -, 10%
Damage From Last Shot in Clip - -, -, -, -, 10%
Ammo on Revive Other Player - -, -, -, -, 3%
Fire Rate - -, -, -, -, 1.05
Ammo on Melee Kill - -, -, -, -, 2%
Health on Reload - -, -, -, -, 10%
Velocity - -, -, -, -, 1.25
Damage to Multiple Targets - -, -, -, -, 10%
Bug DMG - -, -, -, -, 1.05
Range - -, -, -, -, 1.15
Bug Damage 5 Sec After Self Revive - -, -, -, -, 25%
Link Range - -, -, -, -, 1.25
Charge for 5 Sec After Reviving Player - -, -, -, -, -50%

* - The EGO Recharge on Full Reload mastery is still unconfirmed. It doesn't give a value on the card for this mastery so these numbers are just an estimation right now.

Faction Vendor Weapons

As you may have noticed weapons in the Faction Vendors don't quite follow the basic structure for bonus rolls. They are always set to have the same specific bonuses all the time.

Most purple weapons in the Faction Vendors will end up with 4 possible bonuses counting the Mastery. This includes purples that normally wouldn't get 4 bonuses such as Snipers or Pistols. There are some exceptions though. Some have 3 possible rolls, and certain purples out of Top Notch or Echelon Vendors, have 5 possible bonuses!

Weapon Mastery Bonuses can still end up being any possible value for the color of the weapon as usual. So their Mastery Bonuses work the same way as other weapons.

Mod Slots and Synergies Open Related to EGO Levels

I should note that some of these values are just going by memory but this is a basic list of when and how many Mod Slots will be open on weapons you acquire related to what EGO Level the weapons you pick up are. These may be off slightly so I'll likely be changing a few things around with this also but here's a basic rundown.

EGO Level - Mod Slots and Synergies Available
10-250 - 0 or 1 Mod Slots Open
250-500 - 1 or 2 Mod Slots Open, Synergies unlock for Oranges and Purples
500-800 - 2 or 3 Mod Slots Open, Synergies unlock for Blues
800-1000 - 3 or 4 Mod Slots Open, Synergies unlock for Greens
1000-1600 - 4 Slots Open or 0 Slots Open, Synergies become more common for all rarities (White gear cannot have a Synergy) and eventually everything Green or above will have a Synergy
1600-2000 - 4, 0, or 1 possible Mod Slots Open
2000-2400 - 1 Mod Slots Open
2400-3200 - 2 Mod Slots Open
3200-4000 - 3 Mod Slots Open
4000+ - 4 Mod Slots Open

Also, for some of the weapon types in the over EGO 2000 and above range, some won't have the Mod Slots open when the others do for some reason. For example it might be until around 4500 ish EGO before one gets all four slots open on every type of weapon they get. And there can be some exceptions to the rule, for example, an Immunzier I have came out of a vendor with all four slots unlocked at 2100 EGO. But this is the general pattern for most gear in the game that you will get.

That’s all for the moment. Again hopefully this is helpful to folks and I want to make sure I have all the possible bonus rolls, especailly for masteries, listed here soon! I might be adding some more additional tips soon to the guide. I also want to thank everyone that has helped me track down missing info that I didn't have you guys rock!


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