Mount Tam Exploration III Pursuit

Project Tranquility was the UN's proposed inter-species social experiment where Votans and Humans lived side by side.

This pursuit is for Defiance Classic.

  • Complete the mission "Kith and Kinship"
  • Complete the side mission "Maintaining the Line"
  • Earn a silver medal in "Time Trial: Bloodbath Run"
  • Earn a silver medal in "Rampage: Draw the Line"
  • 5 EGO Rating

Defiance 2050 Pursuit

Mount Tam Exploration III


  • Complete the side mission "Maintaining the Line"
  • Complete the side mission "Fill in the Blanks"
  • Complete the side mission "A Past Best Forgotten "
  • Complete the side mission "Skittering About"


  • 5 Pursuit Rating
  • 5 Ark Hunter Bounties

Pursuit: Zones - Mount Tam


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