Curing the Masses Pursuit

Eren Niden has discovered a cure for those which have not yet progressed to phase 4 of the outbreak. The infected are drawn to her vaccine synthesizers. The synthesizers must be protected, or Paradise will fall before the whole world is consumed.

This pursuit is for Defiance Classic.

  • 5 EGO Rating
  • Bio Grenade Grenade


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Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

A note on re-capturing synthesizers, aim for the spore things on them and it will do much larger damage than just shooting them anywhere.

11 years ago

Sieges aren't TOO difficult. There are 3-5 capture points (the vaccine synthesizers) that will be attacked by wave after wave of afflicted. You get points for:

-capturing synthesizers (they get all covered in....something if the afflicted do too much damage to them, you have to attack the synthesizers to capture them)

-killing and/or injuring afflicted

-just staying alive (you get points every second or so)

After 15 min, the siege ends and you get xp/scrip/other rewards depending on your score.

Word of advice: Find some high ground. With the exception of the sickos, none of the afflcited have ranged attacks. If you can't find high ground, just stay mobile.

Oh, and if you're alone, BAIL UNTIL BACKUP SHOWS. These sieges turn into the zombie apocalypse in seconds. Good news is, with the new pursuits you should get other players at your position in no time.

11 years ago