EGO Evolution V Pursuit

With great amounts of shared experiences, the EGO will eventually provide its host with an array of powers.

This pursuit is for Defiance 2050.

  • Reach EGO Level 40 (40)
  • Equip Epic (or better) weapons, grenade, and shield in all slots
  • Obtain a lifetime total of 1,000,000 scrip (1000000)
  • 15 Pursuit Rating
  • CDC Eradicator Outfit

Original Defiance Pursuit

EGO Evolution V


  • Reach EGO Rating 2000
  • Earn 50 perks
  • Equip purple (or better) weapons, grenade, and shields in all slots
  • Earn the Cloak, Blur, Overcharge, and Decoy EGO Powers
  • Obtain a lifetime total of 1,000,000 scrip


  • 15 EGO Rating

Pursuit: Season One - EGO Evolution

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