Sausalito Trek Pursuit

Sausalito is the remote industrial and transportation lifeline to the Bay Area community of Paradise. It has recently come under attack by malicious, belligerent, and cannibalistic Raiders.

This pursuit is for Defiance 2050.

  • Complete the Sausalito Exploration pursuit
  • Complete the Sausalito Exploration II pursuit
  • Complete the Sausalito Exploration III pursuit
  • Complete the Sausalito Exploration IV pursuit
  • Complete the Raiders and Relics pursuit
  • 15 Pursuit Rating
  • 15 Ark Hunter Bounties
  • That's That Rocket Launchers

Original Defiance Pursuit

Sausalito Trek



  • 40 EGO Rating
  • Monolith Slayer Title
  • EMC Trooper Headgear
  • EMC Trooper Outfit

Pursuit: Season One - Sausalito


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