Stout Tactics III Pursuit

One ark hunter can become a living battle tank with enough firepower and clever tactics.

This pursuit is for Defiance 2050.

  • Use Light Machine Guns to kill 99999 enemies (99999)
  • Reach skill level 50 in Light Machine Guns
  • Fully mod a Light Machine Gun
  • 40 Pursuit Rating
  • 40 Ark Hunter Bounties
  • Tank Title

Original Defiance Pursuit

Stout Tactics III


  • Use light machine guns to kill 5000 enemies
  • Reach skill level 10 in BMGs
  • Kill 500 enemies that are attacking your Decoy
  • Fully mod a light machine gun
  • Equip a BMG


  • 15 EGO Rating
  • Tank Title
  • Scrapyard Engineer Headgear
  • Scrapyard Engineer Outfit

Pursuit: Season One - Combat


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