Dominate Delta Bunker East Pursuit ( Season One: Co-op Maps )

Dominate Delta Bunker East is a pursuit in the section of Season One and category of Co-op Maps

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The screams coming from Delta Bunker East suggest something dark and sinister is going on inside this old EMC installation.


  • Locate all of the data recorders
  • Shut down all turret generators in a single playthrough
  • Disable the alarm within 3 minutes of it going off
  • Defeat the Piercer without dying
  • Complete Liberate the Lost


  • 15 (EGO Rating)x
  • Bunker Buster (Title)x
  • Top-Notch Mechanic (Headgear)x
  • Top-Notch Mechanic (Outfit)x

Dev Tracker

25 most recent dev posts that mention "Dominate Delta Bunker East"

GM Domitasia: Liberate the lost co-op

4 years ago (May 6, 2014, 12:51 pm)

It appears this is a known issue, we currently have under investigation. We would be happy to advance the step "Defeat Piercer without dying" for the Pursuit "Dominate Delta Bunker East". In order to...

GM Domitasia: ego perks - preparedness

4 years ago (June 18, 2014, 8:01 pm)

Our Dev team has been working on the issues with the Preparedness Perk, and the objective "Defeat Piercer without dying" for the Pursuit Dominate Delta Bunker East! However, I will pass along your...

GM Domitasia: Dominate Delta Bunker East pursuit bug

4 years ago (July 23, 2014, 6:21 pm)

That's correct, this pursuit is on our known bug list. However, our support team will get you squared away!


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