Snipe from the Shadows III Pursuit

Entire armies can be defeated by a single assassin armed with a complete arsenal... and complete absence of fear.

This pursuit is for Defiance Classic.

  • Use bolt action sniper rifles to kill 5000 enemies
  • Reach skill level 10 in Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles
  • Kill 500 enemies from Cloak
  • Fully mod a bolt action sniper rifle
  • Equip a semi-auto sniper rifle
  • 15 EGO Rating
  • Assassin Title
  • City Tracker Headgear
  • City Tracker Outfit

Defiance 2050 Pursuit

Snipe from the Shadows III


  • Use Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles to kill 49999 enemies (49999)
  • Use Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles to kill 49999 enemies (49999)
  • Reach skill level 50 in Sniper Rifles
  • Fully mod a Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle


  • 40 Pursuit Rating
  • Marksman Title
  • 40 Ark Hunter Bounties

Pursuit: Weapons - Sniper Rifle


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