Stims are usable items that give bonuses. Stims are equipped into a loadout slot. To activate a stim use 3

Stim Types

There are only two rarities.

Name Description Uncommon Rare

Ablative Armor Stim

Stim that grants plates of ablative armor.

3 plates

4 plates

Armor Repair Stim

Stim that repairs armor plates

2 armor plates

3 armor plates

Brawler Stim

Increases melee damage and provides immunity shovebacks and flinches. Does not protect against being knocked down.

100% boost for 30s

200% boost for 45s

Heal Stim

Stim that restores shields and health.

25% shields and 50% health

50% shields and 75% health

Power Stim

Stim that reduces the cooldown on EGO powers.




  • Uncommon versions of Stims can be found on Supplies Vendors for a small Scrip cost.
  • Rare versions of Stims can be found from lockboxes or vendor specials.


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