Bryan Gates #19859 Member

Plays as:

  • Bryan Gates: 4998 (PC-NA)
  • Jared Connors: 3115 (PC-NA)
  • Kyle Gibbs: 2200 (PC-NA)
  • Joe Connors (Classic): 1216 (PC-NA)

Software engineer, aspiring writer, hardcore gamer and former (U.S.) Marine mortarman (2002-2005) living in Los Angeles, California, but originally from Utah. I like SF (fantasy and SciFi), history, mysteries and other stories. As for beliefs, I prefer not to discuss politics or religion, but if you must know I'm an American patriot (NOT "nationalist") and a registered Republican who has accepted Christ as his Savior; however, I fully respect others' beliefs and opinions. Labels like Democrat, Christian or agnostic tend to stereotype, though, so I tend to just say "I'm me." I speak English, German and Japanese fluently, can read and speak basic Latin (classical) and know a little Pashto/Dari. I also like animals, martial arts and East Asian culture.