Person of Interest

Person of Interest is of type Data Recorder.

Project Recording of Colonel Gretch
No transcript has been entered for this Data Recorder.

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Bryan Gates PC-NA

I'm confused. It let me listen to the data recorder when I found it, but it doesn't show up on my Intel screen. Neither do the other recorders from the Piper Investigation mission line. I can't remember if it offered to let me listen to the other recorders from the missions, but it got me thinking. Why let you listen to a data recorder only once? Now I'm quite confused. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance for any information you might have. And happy hunting! :D

Btw, as the other two comments state above, it's on/near a dock, sitting on a crate or chest on the opposite side of Top Notch Toolworks.

6 years ago

 A doca fica nas Coordenadas 4162,3309 no mapa

9 years ago

This data recorder is part of Episode 2: Piper Invstigation: Part 4

Location: On a dock on the oposite side of where Top-Notch is located

10 years ago