San Quentin Ruins Location

San Quentin Ruins is a location found in Madera. It also hosts the Assault on San Quentin conflict site.



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interesting trick i stumbled upon today by accident while doing the repeatable emergancy here as i usually go here to farm weapon xp on the hulker .

at the last point on the hulker when he gets to under 20% health and enrages (when ego says he's not gonna stop) if you allow him to kill you and choose extract instead of self revive when you respawn the hulkers health will have reset allowing you to gain weapon xp from him without having to clear the instance each time - granted you get charged scrip each rez but its a faster alternatative to running it over and over also when in the last area other people cant join your phase so you also dont end up having to share the health pool with a passer by - and as its a static phased event other people can still start there own phase of it while your inside farming so it doesnt do any harm :)

11 years ago