Defiance 2050 - Progression

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Progression has changed in Defiance 2050, there is a new class system as well as Power Rating on items.

Character Level

A Character Level only seems to have a use for gating content listed below:

  • Level 25 - Ability to create Clans
  • Level 50 - Unlock Daily and Weekly Contracts
  • Some Main Missions have a level requirement

Increased by gaining experience, mostly from Side Missions and Main Missions. You can level from 1 to a maximum of 50.

Class Level

The level of a class determines how many Class Points are available to spend on a Class Tree for  unlocking and upgrading EGO Powers and Perks.

Increased by gaining experience with a class active, mostly from Side Missions and Main Missions. You can level a class from 1 to a maximum of 25.

Power Rating

A characters Power Rating is how powerful in combat your character is. It is calculated by the average of your equipped weapons, shield and grenade Power Ratings.

The Power Rating of drops, items bought from vendors and quest rewards is determined by your Optimal Power Rating which is the highest Power Ratings of two weapons, grenade and shield that you've ever had, even if sold or salvaged. Please note that Prototype weapons will always be 250 lower than your Optimal Power Rating.

An item can have a maximum of 5000 Power Rating (at the highest rarity and enhancements). For example the maximum Power Rating a Prototype weapon can be created at is 4750, but can be raised another 250 by enhancing it 25 levels.

The Power Rating of Mods will also affect the bonuses they provide, with a higher Power Rating providing a higher bonus.

Pursuit Rating

A total of the Pursuit Rating of the completed Pursuits.

This provides a number you can compare with other players.

Skill Levels

The more your use your weapons or vehicles, the higher their skills will rise. Each skill level will provide a bonus to their effectiveness.

Weapon skills can reach 50 and vehicle skills can reach 20.


You can gain faction reputation by completing Daily and Weekly Contracts at level 50, while reputation is used as currency all the reputation you earn is totalled up and displayed.

Some factions require completing some missions before you can do contracts for them.


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