Colony Courtship & New Synergies Live Now!

February 11, 2019 | Etaew | Viewed 2,407 times | Blog,

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Colony Courtship returns to Defiance and makes its Defiance 2050 debut! In addition to this special event, we’re also thrilled to introduce a system we think you’ll love, the Synergy Matrix!

Colony Courtship

Hellbug mating seasons means there are vast swarms of this vicious beasts invading the New Frontier. Take the fight to them by taking down Colony Courtship arkfalls across Paradise.

Complete the “Colony Courtship” pursuit and earn the “Qupid’s Quiver” prototype shotgun!

Passionate Pack

The Passionate Pack is only available during Colony Courtship, so don’t miss your chance to show your love. This pack contains:

  • “Unchained Spirit” Outfit (with headgear)
  • “Night Porter” outfit
  • RM Nomad V6 “Burning Desire”
  • “Hopeless Romantic” Title
  • “Unchained” Title

Synergy Matrix

Synergies are powerful sets of relics that empower Arkhunters. The Synergy Matrix allows players to focus these benefits directly through EGO implants to increase power and survivability.

  • Matrix Battery – This component dictates how much raw power flows through the system. Maximize your Matrix Battery Power (MP) by completing contracts, or convert Synergy Crystals (discussed below) directly into MP.
  • Core Output – Your Core Output controls how much of your MP is channeled into your equipped Synergy Crystals. Upgrading your Synergy Matrix components improves power efficiency, making Arkhunters more lethal than ever before.
  • Synergy Crystals – These powerful gems are quipped in the Synergy Matrix to grant specific sets of bonuses. With a maximum of six equipped Synergy Crystals you can go for the full 6 piece set bonus, or mix and match benefits to suit your playstyle.

Celebrate Colony Courtship by spreading love and carnage all throughout the New Frontier from February 11, 2019 until February 26, 2019!

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so when is D13 going to back online after all thats where the majority of Defiance players hang out and all this eaxtra down time should be compensated 

5 years ago

Bryan Gates PC-NA 5 years ago

No offense. I like D13 too, and play occasionally. But you're mistaken about "the majority of players hanging out" on classic. In my experience, and in asking many friends who also play 2013 and 2050, the overwhelming response is that the number of players on Defiance is about the same as the number of players on 2050. In fact, some of my friends, and the people who replied in zone chat, believe the number of D13 players to be smaller. Because in real life and in most situations, the truth of a matter lies somewhere in the center and not at either of the two extremes of the issue, I disagree, but the point is that it's highly unlikely that you are correct in asserting that most people play D13. I could be wrong, but I had to defend 2050 since you obviously seem to think it is inferior to classic in some way. Either way, happy hunting wherever you spend your time. :)

HeadHunter Br PS3-EU 5 years ago

Bryan Gates, i think you dont know what you talk... Defiance D13 its MORE BETTER than Defiance 2050 in all aspects... Firts aspect is syn + mod + gun combination in D13, Defiance2050 dont exist that option just equipe mods, no exist syn combination. Second aspect, EXPEDITIONS, UAL HOW I LOVE TO DO THAT, D13 have a expeditions, rewards, jackpots and its very fun to play because u have a purpose to get a jackpots so, Defiance 2050 DONT EXIST EXPO... Well, third CYBER RIGS, in D13 u play a lot to get a cyber rigs, buy suply crates or u keep silicons to buy in vendor and maybe if u have lucky u drop 1 rig JP in Defiance 2050 well, AGAIN, DONT EXIST THAT... So my question, why players the D13 think play Defiance 2050?? Dont have a fun in Defiance 2050 Lol... All my friends come back to D13, ALL.. My clan have now a 20 or 30 pepoples on again, and all day more new player join in clan... And yes D13 HAVE A MORE PLAYERS THAN DEFIANCE 2050!! No offense :)