99 Problems

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Greetings Ark-hunters!

We’ve got some major and exciting news for you! If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen us teasing this for a couple of weeks, and now the time has come to reveal the big surprise: A new event is about to hit the world of Defiance and Defiance 2050!

What can you expect?

New Event: 99 Problems

The Motherlode has been released from his mine. For the first time, fight the mighty Motherlode IN THE OPEN WORLD during this Major Arkfall! But beware: He will be assisted by hordes of his 99ers! After you’ve dealt with the Motherlode, be sure to check in with the Ex Inanis vendors that will appear for some exclusive rewards!

But wait, there’s more!

Defiance 2050:

New Synergy: Predator

Do you like Headshots? Then have we got the synergy for you. This synergy is tailored for players who love that feeling of a critical hit! This synergy can be obtained from the Defiance store in the 99 Problems Supply Cache or from Ex Inanis Vendors.

Synergy: Predator (Tier 6)

  1. +40% Falloff Distance
  2. Deal 15% more damage to enemies 25 yards away
  3. Critical kills cause enemies to explode, dealing damage in a 7 yard radius. Damage increases per tier
  4. Taking damage increases Aim Accuracy and Recoil by 30% for 6 seconds.
  5. Deal 50% increased damage to enemies above 70% Vitality.
  6. Critical Hits increase Critical Multiplier by 10% for 5 seconds. (Max stacks: 20) Adding a stack resets the time and missing a shot will remove all stacks.

New Mod Fusion: Precision Torment

New Mod Fusion weapons have made their way to Paradise with Precision Torment. This Mod Fusion increases your reload speed on critical kills, and buffs your damage every time you reload! Precision Torment weapons and mods will drop from Major Arkfalls, Ex Inanis Vendors, and 99 Problems Supply Caches in the Defiance store. Check it out:

  1. +15% Critical Multiplier
  2. Non-Critical hits apply Tempered Nerves for 5 seconds. Tempered Nerves increases Accuracy, Recoil and Recoil Recovery by 5%. (Max Stacks: 3)
  3. Critical kills increase Reload Speed by 25% for 2 seconds.
  4. Reloading grants 15% Damage for 5 seconds.

Collect all 7 Prime Precision Torment weapons from caches obtained in the Defiance store or from Ex Inanis vendors!

New Prototype: “The Professional”

Fashioned after the personal rifle of legendary Pale War sniper, [REDACTED]. This baby automatically refills its magazine if you can score three crits in quick succession. Available from the Paradise vendor, so complete those daily and weekly contracts to get yours during the event!

New Grenade: 99er Explosive

Caution, this one comes pre-”armed”… *cough cough*. Explodes on impact and deals increased damage in a smaller area. Features a VERY unique model. Available in the 99 Problems Supply Cache or in-game through Ex Inanis Vendors.

New Shields: Sharpshooter, Marksman, and Deadeye

These new Shields reward critical hits with a stacking Regen/Recharge delay. Available in the 99 Problems Supply Cache or in-game through Ex Inanis Vendors.

New pursuit: Motherlode 2019

Participate in the event to get inventory slots and a unique title.

New Store Supply Cache: 99 Problems Supply Cache

A box full of equipment that will help you rid yourself of those pesky 99ers and increase your chances of living through the Motherlode fight.


  • Predator Synergy Crystals
  • Precision Torment Mods and Weapons
  • Chance at PRIME Precision Torment Weapons
  • New 99 Problems Shields and Grenades

You thought we were done? No way! – Avoid gender specific pronouns


New Synergy: Precision Bore

Ever wanted to drill into a 99er’s head and see if they even have a brain? Now you can! With decreased Reload on kill (even more on crit!), increased Accuracy and less Recoil. Available through crates that drop from 99 Problems Arkfalls. Can also be purchased in the Defiance Store.

Synergy: New Jackpots

  • Fool’s Gold
  • Prospector’s Justice
  • Cave-In
  • Bedrock Buster
  • Barren Contract
  • Rich Alluvium
  • Ore Genesis

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Bryan Gates PC-NA

Anyone know how long the event is going to last? I was just wondering. :) Btw, it is *very* fun! Thanks Etauw and others!

5 years ago