How to create a loadout

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This feature was built to be able to create and share loadouts. It should serve as a database for players to get inspiration on how to optimize their loadouts.

Where to create loadouts


The loadout generator is another awesome tool made by Etaew. You can find it by clicking on "Tools" and then selecting "loadouts".


This will lead you to an overview of already submitted loadouts. As you can see, you can sort them by various things and see an overview of the builds itself.


How to create a loadout


To create a loadout, you need to click on the "Create Loadout"-button at the top of the screen.

This will lead you to a page where you can put in the information about your build. You can add pretty much everything that's in your loadout.

As you may notice, there are two fields at the bottom of the screen. Those are the URLs to share your loadout.

Until now, nothing you did is permanently saved.

Clicking on "view generated page" will direct you to an overview about your build. You can check if everything is correct.

Only now, when clicking on "permanently save", your loadout will be saved to the database of DefianceData.

 Now, you should see your loadout in the overview of already submitted loadouts.

If you want to edit your submitted loadout, simply click on its name and "edit" at the top of the screen. You can also "clone and create" a new build with this, if you are using similar perks in another build of yours.

Editing builds will allow you to add a description to your loadout as well as selecting a shield bonus. Note that this will only appear when editing a loadout, not when creating a new one!




As you may notice, the overview of builds tells you various things. You see the creator of a loadout, the views it has and also votes.

To vote on a build, click on it's name. This will redirect you to the overview of that loadout. At the top of the screen, it says "vote up this build". You can only vote once.



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