Self-Revive Guide

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A Guide about self-reviving, the timer and what affects it.


After you died, you are lying on the ground. You can crawl around and have 90 seconds before you get auto-extracted.

You have two options to choose from:

  • Self-Revive: This will reset your self-revive timer
  • Extracting: This will cost you (usually) 180 scrip and you will get extracted to an extraction point



If you happen to die while your self-revive isn't fully recharged yet, you only have the option to extract or get revived by other players around you.

You'll get fined:

  • 180 Scrip if you have enough scrip to cover the costs
  • When you're low on scrip, it'll cost you less to nothing at all

Extracting will teleport you to an extraction point. Usually, they are close to you. They are marked on the map like this.

Self-Revive Timer

Left of your HP, you can see your self-revive timer. Fully charged it's a bright white square with a person in it. This means, you can revive yourself.

Fully charged

Directly after self-revive

After some time

Time without Perks

It takes 300 seconds (5 minutes) without anything affecting the self-revive to recharge again.

Perks affecting Self-Revive

There are two perks directly impacting your self-revive:


Increase the recharge rate of your self-revive.

  1. +15% recharge rate
  2. +30% recharge rate
  3. +45% recharge rate

Turn The Tide

Reviving another player recharges your self-revive.

  1. 15% recharge
  2. 30% recharge
  3. 45% recharge

Synergies affecting Self-Revive

There are two Synergies that can recharge your self-revive:


  • [2]: +2% refresh self-revive on a kill


  • [1]: On shield break, gain 15% armor penetration for 5s. (Cooldown: 30s)
  • [2]: On shield break, grant 10% damage for 5s to surrounding allies. (Cooldown: 30s)
  • [3]: On armor break, +20% crit multiplier for 10 seconds (Cooldown: 30s)
  • [4]: On enemy "heart break", +2% self-revive

Shields affecting Self-Revive

  • Survivor Shields grant you 20% self-revive on shield break
    • They are only obtainable as legendary ARK Shields
  • The Guardian Angel (Jackpot Shield) is a special Ironclad ARK Survivor with Rad Resistance

Chips affecting Self-Revive

There is one type of chip that can affect your self-revive.

Revival Rejuvenator

  • Green: +1.5% Self Revive-Recharge
  • Blue: +2% Self-Revive Recharge
  • Purple: +2.5% Self-Revive Recharge
  • Legendary: +3% Self-Revive Recharge

Self-Revive in Expeditions

Self-Reviving and reviving in expeditions works differently than in the rest of the world.

  • Reviving yourself will cost you your self-revive
  • Reviving someone else will cost you your self-revive
  • You cannot revive someone without your self-revive being ready
  • You can self-revive again for the cost of Hunter Requisition in Expeditions
    • Your self-revive will recharge inside of expeditions though


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Is it confirmed that One for All would be a waste?  I don't think I was ever in a full Expedition group on PTS to even test this.

9 years ago

Great news. I just hope people read it. I have no problem reviving people. However I get tired of continually seeing people saying, HELP!!! HELP!!! REVIVE ME!!! among other things. If you keep dieing or not reviving anyone else. You are just going to crawl around and not get revived. Other players are not there to keep reviving you. Plus the longer you are on the ground then you are not helping out. Extract drive/run back and make up for the lost points. I don't mind helping out but sometimes some of you are just lazy. Also to others who refuse to revive anyone, you get points for reviving.

9 years ago