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A Guide about Cyber Chips

Cyber Chips are being introduced with the Alcatraz Update. They are a new way to boost a players power.


What are Cyber Chips?


Cyber Chips are a new way of boosting a players power. There is a wide variety of Chips for you to choose from and use to suit your play style. 

  • Chips are to be slotted in to Cyber Rigs
  • They have their own abilities that will boost a players power
  • Cyber Chips and Rigs are non-tradable items
  • There are 5 different types of Cyber Chips:
    • Chips that provide offensive benefits
    • Chips that provide defensive benefits
    • Chips that enhance longevity in a fight
    • Chips that provide miscellaneous or non-combat benefits
    • Keystone Chips which enhance EGO abilities 

       Offensive          Defensive          Sustaining       Miscellaneous               Keystone   


Charge on Chips

  • The charge on each Chip adds up to charge your Cyber Rig
  • Each Chip gives out a certain amount of charge based on its rarity
    • Common = 5 Cyber Rig Charge
    • Uncommon = 7 Cyber Rig Charge
    • Rare = 10 Cyber Rig Charge
    • Epic = 15 Cyber Rig Charge
    • Legendary = 20 Cyber Rig Charge

Where do you get Cyber Chips?

There are a few ways to obtain Cyber Chips.


You can get Cyber Chips by playing through Expeditions.

They can drop from:

  • End Bosses
  • Mini Bosses
  • Golden Skitterlings 
  • Mutant Gear Chests
  • Raider Gear Chests

Legendary Chips can only drop from End Bosses on higher Tiers and Rounds.

Cyber Rig Vendor

They can also be bought at the Rig Vendor which can be found on Alcatraz Island.

  • To buy them, you will need Silicon Shards which can be obtained by breaking down Chips and Rigs
  • The Rig Vendor only sells Chips and Rigs of Uncommon, Rare and Epic rarities

Pre-Slotted Chips

  • Rigs you pick up will be pre-slotted with Chips
  • The pre-slotted Chips will either be the same or of lower rarity as the Rig you picked up

How do you slot Cyber Chips?


To slot Cyber Chips, you will first need to equip a Cyber Rig. 

  • The amount of chips you can slot into a Rig will depend on your EGO and the Cyber Rigs rarity
  • Each Chip has a unique shape and will only fit in to the same shaped slot 
  • You can replace Chips by slotting over them and in doing so the first Chip will be lost
  • The amount of slot types will vary depending on what type of Rig you have equipped
  • Slot types:
    • Hex = Offensive
    • Oval = Defensive
    • Square = Sustaining
    • Diamond = Miscellaneous
    • Trapezoid = Keystone (Legendary Rigs Only) 

Use of Chip Pullers

Cyber Chips can also be removed from slots by using a Chip Puller

  • This will remove Chips from slots without destroying them
  • Chip Pullers can be purchased from the Bit Store


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