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Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz is a new player-hub located north-east of San Francisco. It's a non-combat area, this means you cannot draw weapons here. Read our guide for a virtual tour around the island.



Expeditions are new, 4-player instanced Co-Ops that get gradually harder with enemies you haven't seen before.



Self-Revive Guide

Having your Self-Revive ready is an important part of expeditions. Learn everything you need to know about self-revive.


Cyber Rigs & Cyber Chips

Expeditions introduce new items that can drop: Cyber Rigs and Cyber Chips. They enhance an Arkhunters power.

Read Trion's Preview:


Read also our guides about

Cyber Rigs


Cyber Chips


Hunter Requisitions

A new currency introduced with Alcatraz are so called Hunter Requisitions. You need them to enter Expeditions. Read the full guide on how to obtain them, and what you can spend them on.


New Inventory Features

Alcatraz introduces two new inventory and loadout updates. You can now perform salvage matrix options from within the loadout or inventory screen. You can also see next to a weapon if it has a backpack or weapons synergy.


Alcatraz Pursuits

Alcatraz introduces a bunch of new pursuits, helping you get closer to the EGO Cap.


New EGO Cap

Alcatraz changed the EGO Cap to 6.000. Read the history of EGO Caps here.


Updated Power Growth Rate

Meant is the power your character and NPCs gain when their EGO Rating increases. The current power growth rate made things challenging for low ego players. Read Rashere's explanation on what he did.


Updated Arkbreaker Weapons

After the Weapon Bonus Roll changes, the Arkbreaker Weapons have been updated to Mk II Variants.


Raising Event Rewards and Removal of Woot Loot

Woot Loot was based a lot on luck. So sometimes, your scrip and salvage income could be very high or very low, depending on your luck. To make Event Rewards more skill based, Woot Loot got removed and Event Rewards raised by roughly 25%.


Additions to the Patron Pass

The Alcatraz update introduces new boosts as well as the new currency, Hunter Requisitions, both of which will be included in the Patron Pass.


New Store Outfits

Fitting the prison theme, there are three new outfits coming out with the update: Convict, Inmate, Runaway.


New Store Boxes

To get you started on expeditions, there are two new store boxes with Cyber Rigs and Cyber Chips.



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