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Cyber Rigs Guide - Alcatraz Guide

March 23, 2015 | DK Moore | Viewed 67,779 times | Alcatraz,

A Guide about Cyber Rigs

Cyber Rigs are being introduced with the Alcatraz Update. They are a new way to boost a players power.


What are Cyber Rigs?


Cyber Rigs are a new way of boosting a players power. There are 3 different types of Rigs for you to choose from.


  • Cyber Rigs are available in all rarities, from Common to Legendary
  • The amount of slots you have on your Rig will depend on your EGO and the Cyber Rigs rarity
  • They have their own abilities which will boost a players power
  • There are 3 different types of Rigs:
    • Lucent Guardian (Defensive)
    • Prime Evolver (Balanced)
    • Omni Instigator (Offensive)
  • There are 3 Mark types of each Rig:
    • Mark I = EGO 10 - 999
    • Mark II = EGO 1,000 - 2,999
    • Mark III = EGO 3,000 and above
  • Cyber Rigs and Chips are non-tradable items


Charge on Rigs

  • To Charge a Rig, you will need to fill the meter by slotting in Cyber Chips 
  • The amount of Charge you get from Chips will vary upon rarity
  • There are up to 4 Passive abilities that get unlocked with Charge
  • Cyber Rig Abilities will depend on the type of Rig you have equipped


Where do you get Cyber Rigs?

There a two ways for you to get Cyber Rigs.


You can get Cyber Rigs by playing through Expeditions.

They can drop from:

  • End Bosses
  • Mini Bosses
  • Golden Skitterlings
  • Mutant Gear Chests
  • Raider Gear Chests

Legendary Rigs can only drop from End Bosses on higher Tiers and Rounds.


Cyber Rig Vendor

They can also be bought at the Rig Vendor which can be found on Alcatraz Island.

  • To buy them, you will need Silicon Shards which can be obtained by breaking down Rigs and Chips
  • The Rig Vendor only sells Rigs of Uncommon and Rare rarities


How do you equip a Cyber Rig?


Once you have a Rig, you can equip it by going to the loadout menu and select it from the Cyber Rig slot.

  • From here, you can see what abilities each of your Rigs has
  • It will also display the boosts from Chips that are slotted on the Rig

To view and slot Chips on to your Rig, select the Cyber Rig menu from the character screen





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