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April 7, 2015 | | Viewed 7,123 times | Alcatraz,

Scapes just posted a Blog Article about the upcoming Alcatraz Update.


Higher Max Ego and Power Curve Adjustments

  • The new max level will be 6.000
  • There will also be adjustments to the Power Growth Rate. Read more about it here:


Economy Updates

  • As hinted in an earlier post by Rashere on the forums, Woot Loot will be removed and event rewards raised by roughly 25%.
  • Read the previous update here:



  • Private Instances will not be released with Alcatraz
  • The Warmaster will always be at Threat Level 10
  • The Warmaster now drops Mk II Variants that are updated to the new bonus roll system
  • On a win, you will always get at least a rare item
  • The chance to get Arkbreaker weapons is higher then before also.


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