Dark Matter Expedition: Heaven Sent - Preview

June 29, 2015 | | Viewed 6,623 times | Summer Solstice,

The Dark Matter Expedition "Heaven Sent" will arrive with the Summer Solstice update.

Heaven Sent

The new Dark Matter Expedition is called "Heaven Sent".

I did two playthroughs on PTS with a group, which can be seen on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/fuzzy_def/v/6381423


"Heaven Sent is an expedition where you and Dark Matter are competing for the riches
inside such an Arkbreak."

  • Takes place in an arkbreak
  • Dark environment
  • Small tunnels
  • Large rooms, much larger than other expeditions
  • Detailed Environment
  • Dark Matter Device (Green boost) is inside the expedition, only Dark Matter enemies can interact with it though

New Enemies

Enemies primarily use syphon and electrical attacks in the Dark Matter Expedition.

Enemy Attack
Fila (castithan for first) Enforcer
  • Throw Grenades
  • If you dodge first one, second one might fly in your direction
Fila Monitor Shield seems to have a higher radius
Fila Sniper Double tapping Sniper
Chango (Thug) Class Bulwark Boosts the shields of all enemies around them
Garilu (to raise) Class Bulwark Aggressive, machinegun-like fire
Haryo Enforcer More prone to use melee attacks


Different Boss fight

Dark Matter Specalist

  • Quartett of 4 new Bulwarks boosted to boss level
  • Multiple bosses, not one you can concentrate your fire on


The "Heaven Sent " Expedition has the same rewards as all other expeditions.



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