Midsummer Mutiny Cheat Sheet

July 1, 2015 | Etaew | Viewed 9,891 times | Summer Solstice,

Midsummer Mutiny seasonal event has landed and will run from June 29 to July 12. This will allow for 2 weekly contracts to be completed.


Paradise Patriot Pack

Purchase for 2,600 Bits from the Defiance Store

  • Liberty Infiltrator outfit and headgear
  • TMW Hannibal 800R Liberty
  • Midsummer Firework Launcher Liberty
  • Legendary Firework Spike

Sol's Prominence Crate

Purchase for 400 Bits from the Defiance Store.

  • Sol's Prominence Weapon and 3 Mods
  • Chance at The Emancipator jackpot weapon

Reputation Vendors

  • Firework Rocket Launchers at various reputation vendors


Midsummer Mutiny Minor Arkfalls

  • Sol Survivor title
  • Sols Prominence Mods

Midsummer Mutiny Major Arkfalls

  • Sols Prominence Weapons and Mods
  • Zenith Crusader title
  • Midsummer Knight (patrons only)
  • Epic Firework Spike (1 charge)
  • Complete Daily Tarr Family Contract
    • Another chance at all of the above
  • Complete Weekly Tarr Family Contract
    • Complete 10 Tarr Family dailies there are several you can do per day
    • A Sol's Prominence Crate, includes roll for Jackpot weapon


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