Greetings Ark Hunters,

We're bringing Defiance 2050 for the PS4 and PC offline for the Trouble in Paradise patch at 10AM PDT (5PM UTC) today. Click here for the full patch notes.

Downtime may last up to 4 hours, but we'll bring each platform back online as it finishes. We'll have more info to share on the Xbox One release date for the patch as soon as possible.


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Arkhunters, be on the alert!

We are going to patch in some Pc & PS4 fixes at 10:00 AM PDT on October 16th to implement the following:
  • Fixed an issue causing human male players who are wearing the crusader outfit to not be able to login
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent progress on the new Grid missions
  • Fixed the store description for the Grim Samhain Pack
  • Fixed an issue causing the Grim Samhain Pack to not provide the two weapon skins (players who already purchased will receive their skins shortly)
  • Turned on Paradise reputation contracts for Hulker Hell Arkfalls

We are aware of, and are investigating crashes involving the UI and are working to pinpoint the root cause. Once we've implemented a fix for that we'll post more details.

We anticipate a one hour downtime, and will update again if anything changes!
Brasse the Irathient, subbing in for Fasti momentarily

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Pursuits are certain tasks that need to be completed. 

And if and when they are completed players are rewarded with EGO

As well as Outfits, Keycodes, Vehicles, and Titles

Depending on the pursuit the player chooses to complete.  (The amount of ego may vary from 5,15 & 40)

Pursuits are also added when DLC Is purchased 

Some pursuits take time & will require the player to be socially active (  Having friends and being apart of a clan) 

Some pursuits will require the player to become familiar with matchmaking which includes Co-op, Competitive Multiplayer, Etc. 

Some will require the player to do a little exploring such as finding fast travels and data recorders. In:

  • Mount Tam
  • Madera 
  • Marin
  • Sausalito
  • San Francisco

Also in co-op maps ( Data recorders only)


Some pursuits will require the player to complete a certain amount of daily and weekly contracts for certain factions these include

  • Top Notch 
  • Von Bach Industries
  • Echelon 
  • Soleptor
  • Defiant Few
  • Paradise 

DLC factions include:

  • Chimera (Arktech Revolution )
  • Gunslinger ( Von Bach Industries)
  • 7th legion
  • Thorn Liro ( Castithan Charge pack)

Some of these factions will require the player to participate in arenas where you will face hoards of enemies  others will have the player do co-op and expeditions .


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