Dark Matter Major Arkfalls

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Do's and Dont's

Here is a brief summary of how you should play at a Dark Matter Arkfall .

Do's : 

1.  revive your fallen fellow arkhunters , ONLY when there is no fire or red ring on the ground indicating another fire bomb is incoming or Dark Matter is green or you will also be down

2. when Dark Matter enemy turns green (ego boost located at crystals after they have charged ), get out of there, hide for the 5 seconds or so ....

3. shoot at the protective armor that encases the motivater that everyone else is shooting at (you can tell by just scanning and seeing the health bar of each leg or take a second to see which one the majority of Arkhunters are shooting at)....when the protective casing is broken the yellow motivater (located on joint of all four legs ) is exposed...THIS IS A HIGH CRIT SPOT ....use all your high crit weapons on this area (great for levelling pistols, snipers)

4.once the motivater on the leg is destroyed, the monolith will keel over for a short period of time and expose it's HIGH CRIT tachmag overdrive neck .... use high crit or fast fire rate weaponry (please, no bug guns/bmg's) , also great for levelling snipers etc...

5. Use EGO boost (located at crystals) ONLY when there is Dark Matter enemies either on ground or about to drop from their ship (they drop about 2-3 seconds after ship stops close by each of the 4 crystals)or when any of the high critical spots  on the monolith are exposed

6.have a quick peek at mini map or screen before you ego boost , if there is arkhunters coming towards the go boost, wait a second to activate so more arkhunters are boosted , thus doing greater damage .

7. use damage/ammo/protection spikes and ego powers especially when high crit spots are exposed, be wary though , if the monolith is still standing or in air, these spikes and or the extra arkhunters grouped closely together will draw the fire from the monolith

8. keep an eye on monolith while shooting either it's motivater or the armor , if you see it's head turn your way, get ready to roll or better yet, jump and roll to evade it's blast



1. DO NOT run around and hit the ego boost like some freak just to turn yourself green ....if people see you do this, prepare not to be revived (accidents do happen, but not twice or twenty times)and this most often results in a failed arkfall thus no one receives loot ....you DO NOT want to be that person everyone detests

2. DO NOT use the EGO boost unless an enemy is about to drop or is on ground , either monolith or Dark Matter

3. DO NOT stand too close to other arkhunters while monolith is standing or in the sky ...it will target groups and or spikes first ....

4.DO NOT attack GREEN (ego boosted) enemies unless you are in a large group 

5. DO NOT let Dark Matter use the EGO Boost (throw a grenade at least ) at all costs



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