Noobs Guide to Killing Revenants(Grid enemies)

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     For the more nooby Defiance players out there (me being one of them), you might have some trouble dealing with one of the Grid enemies, the revenants, as they do lots of damage. While shooting at some revenants, you might find your shield depleting to zero, followed by your health, and then facing defeat.


     The trick to defeating revenants is simply avoiding their damaging attacks. This is actually pretty easy, since revenants mainly use melee attacks, and their ranged ones are pretty slow. All you have to do is jump and run around, while shooting at the revenants. You might have seen other players do this to one another in competitive matchmaking, well, this works on both npcs and live players. By doing this, you can defeat groups of revenants and barely lose any health. You might think that it will be harder to shoot the revenants while jumping around and running, but all you have to do is turn on auto aim assist in the settings, aim near the revenants, and right click and burst fire at them. This way, your aim will automatically go to the revenants and give you direct hits. so this while in the air, and then stop on the ground, then in the air again, and stop on the ground again. Though sometimes, you might see the revenants come in with other enemies with ranged attacks, you should first take those out, as your jumping around wont affect them all that much. Then you can move on to killing the revenants.Dodging and Evading Revenants


     So by using this technique, you can fight 7 revenants at once, kill them all, and barely lose any health or shield life in the end.



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