Buying and selling weapons 101.

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This guide will give new and veteran players alike a no lose way of buying and trading weapons.





When buying weapons with random generated rolls (non named weapons) it is important to set parameters on what rolls you desire.  There are countless variations available and you want to make sure you find the one that suits you best.  




VBI Assault Rifle (Specific weapon)

EGO 5k+ (EGO desired)

Bio (Nano desired)


Assassin (Synergy desired)

Modded/Unmodded (Preferred mods)


1.10 Crit (Mastery desired)


.95 reload (White roll desired)

1.15 Crit (Green roll desired)

1.25 Crit (Blue roll desired)

10% EGO on Critical kill (Purple roll desired)

1.10 DMG (OJ roll desired)



**Please keep in mind this particular example was created using old rolls and will not apply to new roll weapons.

*Lastly, listing the amount of scrip you're willing to pay can attract other players if the deal is lucrative to the potential seller.




Selling weapons for scrip is one way of acquiring weapons one may not be open to obtain otherwise.  Bit store boxes purchased with bits (real money) is not an option for everyone given circumstances.




Top Notch Big Boomer

EGO 6000

(Nano here if applicable)


Hard-Boiled (Synergy goes here)


Sledge Arm IV (List synergy here if applicable)

Proximity Overthruster V (Chimera)

Reserve Chamber V (Chimera)

Force Accelerator V (Chimera)


1.05 DMG (mastery goes here)


.95 Reload (White roll here)

+.40 Full Damage Radius (Green roll here)

1.05 DMG (Blue roll here)

25% Speedboost on an explosive kill (Purple roll here)

1.10 DMG (OJ roll here)


You can list weapon card stats here if you wish.


12 mil  


If you wish to trade your weapon for another weapon, make a list of items you'd be open to trading for.  



Using this template will help you stand out from the crowd.







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