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Challenges are single player minigames that can be found around the map. There are currently three types of challenges available which reward a small amount of experience, scrip, ark salvage and sometimes mod caches.

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Challenges give you limited ammunition and you should aim to get the highest score by keeping your kill multiplier up.


Challenges give you almost unlimited ammo and you need to kill as many enemies as you can.

Time Trial 

Challenges require you to complete a course in the fastest time you can.


Arena challenges are part of DLC 1 - Castithan Charge Pack and pit a single arkhunter to survive against waves of enemies.

Gunslinger Arena

Gunslinger arenas are part of DLC 4 - Gunslinger and feature a group of ark hunters in co-op map like encounters whilst they gather the largest score they can.


Each challenge has a score assigned to Gold, Silver and Bronze places, this will determine the reward.


There is a leaderboard on the challenge invitation screen, it is not known how often they reset.


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