Co-operative Maps

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Co-operative maps feature a group of 4 ark hunters teaming up to complete a mission against enemy NPCs. They feature cutscenes, pursuits, data recorders and boss enemies.

General Information

Co-op maps are available under the matchmaking menu. These scenarios challenge 4 players to complete objectives in a confined, cooperative environment.


The Matchmaking screen is used to get into Co-op Maps, Competitive Maps and Shadow War. These same functions can be performend on the Quick Menu in-game. Once queued, you don't have to remain on the Matchmaking screen. In-game notifications will let you know when your match is ready for you to join. If you are part of a group, your whole group will join the match or map together.


Increasing your EGO Rating or completing the Story Missions will unlock maps under matchmaking for you to select. If the group leader has the map unlocked, he can take the entire group into it, even if other members do not yet have it unlocked.


Groups tend to expect you to fight at pace through all of the encounters provided and skip the cutscenes (Esc), you should let them know beforehand if you are aiming to collect the Data Recorders, complete Pursuits or wanting to watch the cutscenes.


There are currently 7 co-operative maps in the game.

Liberate the Lost EGO Rating 200 or Main Mission "Kith and Kinship"
Soleptor Excavation EGO Rating 100
Explosions 101 EGO Rating 300 or Main Mission "Breaking into San Quentin"
Island of Lost Soldiers EGO Rating 150
The Motherlode EGO Rating 400 or Main Mission "A Bullet for a Badman"
Commandeer Cronkhite EGO Rating 500 or Main Mission "Seize the Day, Control the Future"
Scrapworks Salvage EGO Rating 225

Joining a Co-operative Match

 There are two ways to join a co-operative match, through the Matchmaking menu or through the quick menu.



Quick Menu



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