Conflict Sites

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Conflict Sites are repeatable main mission story encounters which can be played with multiple ark hunters. Certain conflict sites will require the mission to be completed before they are available for play.

Conflict Sites are primarily used for story purposes and then to complete Contracts.

Conflict Sites are not marked on the map you will have to travel to a location after you have completed the Main Mission for it.


To enter a conflict site just enter the area it is meant to be in.

People all heading into the same area will be added to the same phase unless the progress of the conflict site has past the first stage or there are too many people at the conflict site.

Friends will be able to jump to a conflict site even if it is full or at a different stage..


The top of the screen will show you the objectives and status, usually after the first stage no new players will randomly join the conflict site.


Once a conflict site is completed, a reward screen will display and you will be rewarded with experience, ark salvage and keycodes.


If you wish to repeat a conflict site you will have to leave it, travel out of clip range and then return.


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