Cleansing Napalm Synergy (Mods)

Outbreak / Event (May 2017)



  • [1]: On enemy armor break, 2% ammo regen (Cooldown: 3s)
  • [2]: On enemy armor break, gain 3 ablative armor for 10 seconds. (15s cooldown)
  • [3]: +15% Damage
  • [4]: Applies a napalm effect which burns and slows the target for 3s increasing health and plate damage taken (Cooldown: 6s)

Available during the following holidays

Outbreak (2017)

May 1, 2017 to May 22, 2017

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Save 25% on the Cleansing Napalm Supply Crates from now until 11:59 AM PDT (6:59 PM GMT) on Monday, May 29....


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