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Clan Progression and Bonuses

December 13, 2013 | Etaew | Viewed 42,963 times | Game Mechanics,

Doing activities will now reward clan progression, as your clan rating progresses you can earn increased activities for doing particular activities.

The experience you can earn for each activity is capped daily and indicated by the yellow lines. Clan experience towards an activity is directly associated with the experienced earned for an activity, in the case of Challenges the medal rewards a set amount of experience. - Source

Trion have provided a list of the possible clan bonuses for each activity. The bonuses are the same for each activity per level.

UI Changes


Global Clan Bonuses

As your clan rating increases at certain milestones global bonuses are applied for all clan members.

Clan rating increases by 50 for each activity rating that increases.

  • Clan Rating 500
    Reputation Increase: 5% bonus reputation
  • Clan Rating 1500
    Vehicle Speed Up: 5% bonus vehicle speed
  • Clan Rating 3000
    1 extra Key given for activities

Clan Activity Bonuses

As members of your clan participate in one of the following activities, it will earn clan experience in these particular areas. 

  • Arkfalls
  • Sieges
  • Challenges
  • Emergencies
  • Conflict Sites
  • Co-op Maps
  • Competitive Multiplayer
  • Arkbreak

Once the experience bar is maxxed out the level for that clan activity will rise and unlock bonuses.

Clan Activity LevelBonus
2 +5% Salvage Mult
3 +5% Scrip Mult
4 +5% XP Mult
5 +5% Loot Chance
6 +5% Skill Mult
7 +10% Salvage Mult
8 +10% Scrip Mult
9 +10% XP Mult
10 +10% Loot Chance


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KONvicTed.StaTic ()

You should let me organize a daily one hour class to teach everyone young and old the mods, guns, syns, seiges, hellbugs, glitchs, ETC...

This school will have a daily payment at the beginning before class that will be pay for Staff that will be hired and applied for like a job and chosen by me.

This is just a thought.....


9 months ago

Deigz (PC-NA)

do you lose contribution if you leave, or go to another clan?

10 months ago

Etaew (PC-EU) 10 months ago

Yes you are only contributing to the clan you are in at the time, however whatever clan bonuses are unlocked in your new clan will apply to you.

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

luipis posted:

The bonus for the activities are only applied when you are doing such activity or always? for example i have arkfalls lvl 3 so i get a +5% exp only doing arkfalls or all the time?


Only when doing those activities.

3 years ago

luipis ()

The bonus for the activities are only applied when you are doing such activity or always? for example i have arkfalls lvl 3 so i get a +5% exp only doing arkfalls or all the time?


3 years ago

rememberthesin ()

martinez.de.la.symbioz posted:

+5% Skill Mult - what does it exactly mean? Thx.

I think it means that you will gain weapon skills 5% faster.

3 years ago

Daeima (PC-NA)

Hopefully, they'll add Arkforge bonus at some point.

4 years ago

Etaew (PC-EU) - Site Admin

5% bonus xp to weapon skills

4 years ago

martinez.de.la.symbioz (PC-EU)

+5% Skill Mult - what does it exactly mean? Thx.

4 years ago