Patch 1.2 - DLC #2 Arkbreaker

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Defiance Data's changes guide to DLC #2 - Arkbreaker.

Patch Notes



Only owners of Arkbreaker will be able to equip and use these new weapons: the Volge Sniper Rifle, Volge Pistol and Volge Assault Rifle!


All players who purchase DLC2 will get the Volge Engineer outfit, a new helmet, and a random Volge weapon!


  • Six missions: A race against time to stop Dark Matter from gaining the power to call down arkfalls. Become the arkbreaker.

SPOILER - Show Missions


  • Search inside the Arkfall
  • Defeat Dark Matter
  • Access Console


  • Scan the area for suitable parts
  • Go to Delta West Bunker
  • Defeat Dark Matter
  • Retrieve the component

  • Go to Pitfall Mine
  • Gather gulanite crystals (6)
  • Go to Iron Demon Ranch

  • Go to Muir Processing
  • Disarm the first bomb
  • Disarm the second bomb
  • Disarm the third bomb
  • Find the trigger
  • Defeat the ambush
  • Deactivate the remote trigger

  • Go to the the Dark Matter checkpoint
  • Clear the Dark Matter checkpoint
  • Search the Dark Matter computer files
  • Go to Imra Array
  • Disable the array to eliminate scanner interference
  • Recover the final component part

  • Climb the bridge
  • x?


  • Investigate the mobile armory
  • Search for anything of value
  • Go to Kinship Plaza
  • Search the Stims cache

  • Investigate the mobile armory
  • Go to North Point Mine
  • Activate the Damage Spike


  • Use your ark spikes to call down arkfalls at impact windows.
    • Breach the fallen arks and take what you find.
  • Arkbreaks are open to any players who show up!


  • Volge Warmaster
    • Deep within the largest arkbreaks, this monstrosity waits to do battle with 16 or more ark hunters.

Clan Progression

Doing activities will now reward clan progression, as your clan rating progresses you can earn increased activities for doing particular activities.

The experience you can earn for each activity is capped daily and indicated by the yellow lines.


  • Arkfalls
  • Sieges
  • Challenges
  • Emergencies
  • Conflict Sites
  • Co-op Maps
  • Competitive Multiplayer
  • Arkbreak


  1. Ark Salvage Bonus: +5.0%
  2. Scrip Bonus: +5.0%

Global Bonuses:

  • Clan Rating 500
    Reputation Increase: 5% bonus reputation
  • Clan Rating 1500
    Vehicle Speed Up: 5% bonus vehicle speed
  • Clan Rating 3000
    1 extra Key given for activities

Co-op Evolved

Solo mission maps can now be accessed on the Matchmaking menu. Fight Nim or Jackleg Joe with your friends whenever you want!


Players may carry only one stack of each type of spike, stim, and grenade. Picking up a new consumable will refill your current stack of that consumable, regardless of rarity. If the new consumable is a higher rarity, it will upgrade and replace your current consumables.


High tech pillars which can be deployed to provide powerful buffs to your allies.



High tech drugs and nanites which can be injected to boost individual performance.


  • Grenades are now consumables.
  • Ego Perks: Guardian Angel and Mad Bomber no longer modify the cool down on Grenades.

  • Mastery, Rarity and Synergy bonuses that previously modified the cool down on Grenade usage now increase the damage of your next Grenade.

  • Grenades can now be altered by effects triggered from equipped items or abilities.
  • Grenade variety has been reduced and match the format of Spikes and Stims.
  • Enemies and missions now drop Common, Uncommon, and Rare variations of each type of grenade (Frag, Bio, Pyro, Cluster, Flashbang, Infector).


  • Items can now be favorited!

  • Favorite items cannot be sold or broken down.
  • Favorite items sort to the top of the list.
  • You can now 'mass breakdown' all items in your inventory that aren't favorites.

  • You can now 'sell all' all items at merchants that aren't favorites.

  • Item comparisons will now compare to appropriate items based on their type. Weapons compare to weapons, grenades to grenades, shields to shields.


  • Volge Huntmaster
    • A new breed of Viscera has come down with the latest arkfall. This "Huntmaster" can synthesize combat drones to help hunt its prey.


  • Quick Match now attempts to match players with an instance that has at least one player in it. and can accommodate the most players.
  • If the player has been in queue for a time and no one has joined this larger match, they will be grouped with smaller matches that are closer to reaching the needed number of players.
  • If no matches exist that a player character is eligible to join, a random instance will be picked which has the fewest number of players required to start.
  • The game now keeps track of players who select the Quick Match matchmaking option, so that it can make additional attempts to better match them with other players.


  • Mutants and skitterlings will reward a minimal amount of XP and loot.
  • Removed Mutants from distracting new players while going through intro flow.
  • Removed combat enemies from holo training areas.


  • Re-arranged loadout screen
  • Required EGO Rating is displayed on unlockable Loadout slots and Perk slots

  • Changing Outfit, Headgear or Titles are now done from a new Appearance screen


The store has interface has been changed.


  • PC Only: New Proxy Memory graphic option slider to increase the RAM usage allowing more characters to be fully rendered.

  • Daily and Weekly login rewards are granted to an account when they login after a daily or weekly contract cycle!

Weekly rewards

If you own Arkbreaker you open two at once?

If you own Arkbreaker you open two at once?

  • The main world has been split into 2 segments the Northern Bay Area and San Francisco. This will allow more players per server! As a result, there is now a loading screen when crossing the Golden Gate bridge.
  • Daily contract objectives now show up on the main map and minimap.

  • Ladders have been added to Serenity Academy for additional play space.

  • Rebalanced the spawn rates for each type of Arkfall. Non-Hellbug Arkfalls will be much more common.
  • To help clarify which mods will change or add a scope overlay to weapons, we've changed the detail icon on sight mods that do not change the scope overlay (if it’s a sniper rifle mod) or add a scope overlay (all other weapons) to look like a sight instead of a scope.

Other Changes

  • Rocket Launcher Stocks (First Stage Booster) are now available from the Explosive Mod Vendor.

  • Nano converter mods are now available for Assault Rifles, Pistols and Rifles.
  • Sight Mods for BMGs/Infectors/Detonators now be drop from Soleptor, Top-Notch and VBI Mod Caches.
  • Ammo Caches now give 250 pistol ammo instead of 150, because that was pretty strange.
  • Character models now more reliably show when the appearance of that model is changing. Notably so if you are a Castithan wearing Liberty Heavy Trooper.
  • Resetting keybinds back to default will now more reliably work.
  • Faces will no longer sometimes show the wrong texture in character creation.
  • DLC 1: Charge Weapon pack weapons were bunk. Some were legendary, 1 was common and none of them had stat bonuses. This is no longer the case.
  • Shotgun magazine rarity bonuses have been fixed so they are additive rather than multiplicative. The persons responsible have been subjected to a rick-roll.
  • Scrapper Arkfall cores can no longer be destroyed while their shields are active.
  • After completing the first Arena mission (# 646), you have to wait 20 minutes even though Ferik says, 'come find me' at the conclusion of 646.
  • The Matron now appropriately performs her power up ability while underground.
  • Sutro Tower conflict site: the interaction to complete the "Override Primary Turret Targeting System" step is no longer blocked.
  • Particle Ultimag pistols now have the proper amount of mod slots available after EGO rating 1625.
  • Ranchers in Point Bonita Refinery now walk normally instead of whatever-the-hell they were trying to do before.
  • The side quest "Slam for Slam" now has a locator on its final objective.
  • Hellbug Warrior Syphon: Warrior will now attack players in the San Francisco region.


  • Added a Region Select option to the Patcher. You can now switch to/from North American or European servers.
    • Note: Characters are stored per server, so your characters do not transfer (nor are they lost if you switch; when you switch back they will be available on that server again).



Serenity Academy Conflict Site?

Removed Scrip cost in Keycode purchases

Lowered Scrip cost in Lockbox purchases

Hidden vendor items are now all blue?

Single mods can now be removed from the salvage matrix instead of them all

You will now get a small Scrip and Salvage bonus when your weapon increases in rank

You can now earn weapon experience in Arenas

Now displayed in the players currencies section.

Available from Lock Box vendors for 10,000 Scrip, and inside Daily and Weekly rewards.

Available from Lock Box vendors for 40,000 Scrip.

  • EGO rank increases now display an effect on your screen briefly

Keycodes no longer cost Scrip, previously 1,000 for each amount.


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It is a little weird to run out of grenades. They need to give us a way to buy more grenade slots; those 5 can run out quickly.

10 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Ever? :) I really enjoy the challenge of the Volge Warmaster and some of the UI changes. I dislike the grenade changes however.

10 years ago


10 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

I'm on PC and haven't had that issue so I can't help, sorry.

10 years ago

so, after i installē, i am now dlownloaidng the update again...

10 years ago

im on the 360. when i downlaoded the dlc 1 i had to restart the game becasue eveything was rendering black. when i restarted, it promted me to 'install game' and i had to go through thatmess again.

now with dlc2, its doing it again. am i alone??

10 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

Bob and Phil, are names that Trion have made up for the two NPCs that spawn at the hidden vendor near Muir Processing. In the Alpha server only they were flagged as enemies and given a red triangle over their heads. They added these notes to be funny.

10 years ago

It's good to have a season pass. DLing now.


Who are Bob and Phil? According to the patch notes, they said something about my mom, but they've apologized?

10 years ago

Not sure what just happened there.


It'll be nice to get back in the bay. Arkham Origins is officially pissing me off. (Anyone with any advice on how to beat Bane in Blackgate (the second part, where he's all huge) by all means, share with the class.)

10 years ago

Etaew PC-EU - Site Admin

I'm not sure on the consequences on this, I've not seen a loading screen on the Alpha server.

  • Potentially the Zone chat will now only broadcast to those on your side of the bridge
  • It could be that you no longer see Arkfalls on the other side of the bridge

10 years ago

Don't think I like the splitting the game world thing.

10 years ago