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Frequently asked questions and answers about the upcoming Defiance 2050 release. Sign up for Beta here!


What is Defiance 2050?

Defiance 2050 is a futuristic free to play online shooter set in an extraordinary post-apocalyptic world with advanced alien technology. Fight on your own or alongside friends as you explore and unlock powerful weapons with extensive skill and customization systems. Enjoy a stunning Defiance 2050 experience with modern graphics on the latest consoles and computer hardware.

What platforms will Defiance 2050 be available on?

Defiance 2050 will be coming to PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4! We’re as excited as you are to bring it to the next level.

When will Defiance 2050 be released?

Defiance 2050 is scheduled to launch in summer 2018. For the latest news and announcements, check the Defiance forums, Facebook, and Twitter.

Will there be a beta test for Defiance 2050?

Yes, sign up for Closed Beta here! We are looking to do a closed beta test before Defiance 2050 is released this summer. Be sure to keep an eye on your email as well as the Defiance forumsFacebook, and Twitter for invites.

How much does the game cost?

Defiance 2050 will launch as a tailored free to play experience with exciting new systems to explore. To expand your experience, we will also be offering a variety of optional purchasable items that are not tied to power.

Will there be character data carried over from original Defiance?

To thank the amazing Defiance community for their support, we’ll be offering some cool rewards in the lead up to Defiance 2050. Existing Defiance players will be able to take select rewards to Defiance 2050 with the Valor Program. Players who earned specific unique titles, such as “Old School”, will be able to transfer the title to their new character and show them off in Defiance 2050. Account based upgrades, like character and loadout slots, will be transferable as well.

While Defiance players will be able to earn Valor for Defiance 2050, substantial changes in progression, mission structure, and the game’s economy prevent the transferring of characters and items between the original game and Defiance 2050. More details about the Valor Program will be shared soon.

How can I check out the game?

Tune in Fridays for the Defiance 2050 livestream from 10:30am – 11:20am PST on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The official Defiance 2050 trailer and Producer video are available on the Defiance YouTube channel and subscribe to see new content in the future! To play Defiance 2050 first hand, be sure to sign up for the Closed Beta coming soon.

How is the gameplay different?

Defiance 2050 is the fully uncompromised vision of the Defiance team, offering a wholly reimagined experience with brand new systems, gameplay mechanics, and cutting edge graphics that take advantage of what modern gaming hardware can provide. Defiance 2050 has been built as a complete free to play experience, and everything from the mission structure and weapons systems to character progression and purchasables has been updated and modernized, resulting in the definitive Defiance experience.

Is Defiance 2050 cross-platform?

Defiance 2050 can be played separately on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 and will not be cross-platform compatible.

What languages does Defiance 2050 support?

Defiance 2050 will be available in English, French, and German languages at launch this summer.

Still have questions? Watch our Livestreams, forums and social media for more information! Join in and discuss on our Defiance forums to let us know your thoughts.


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